How To Choose Window Glass

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Obviously, it is really important that you choose the material that the window frame is made out of but the glass is equally important and most people end up forgetting about this. They just go for the very first glass type that is recommended by the manufacturer, which is not always a great idea. You will need to learn all that you can about glass types used in windows so that you can make a proper choice at the end of the day.

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Technically speaking, the double pane window featuring low-E glass and argon fill that is vacuum sealed is what people normally choose as an upgrade for their windows. This is actually something that is really good as it will help you to save a lot of money on the long run as utility bills get lower.

The window option that is highlighted above offers much more insulation than the regularly installed single pane glass window. Energy efficiency is definitely the most important factor that you have to take into account when you choose the glass type you are about to use in the windows you will install for your home. They protect all that is inside from the UV rays of the sun during summer and heat is prevented from getting out when it is winter. When looking at value and efficiency, such additions do make a whole lot of sense.

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Energy efficiency is what you will want to consider at the end of the day and the glass is definitely the one factor that has to be taken into account at all times. In order to qualify for the Energy Star status, the manufacturers will have to meet 2 standards and receive Energy Star sticker ratings. Two main metrics are considered:

  • SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – this measures the amount of heat that will pass through the glass inside the home.
  • U-Value – this will measure the heat loss resistance of a window unit.

If the numbers are low for these two ratings, you have a window that will perform really great.

In the event that your current window glass is not that great and you want to improve it, you can opt for UV-repellent film. It is great for UV protection. All that you have to do is add it to the window. It is what you normally see on the tint windows. The great news in this case is that you do not actually have the film seen. It is not detectable to the human eye. Textiles and paint are preserved while managing to keep your entire house cooler.