How to Create a Glam Interior

glam interior

Introduce an air of grandeur and luxury into your space by layering luxurious fabrics such as fur, satin, and silk into this design style. Fur, satin, and silk fabrics play a central role. Fur is especially appropriate in creating this luxurious effect while satin is often featured as well as furniture with curvy lines such as tufted sofas or stunning mirror nightstands that ooze opulence.

Add a pop of gold with decorative accessories such as metallic picture frames and art to create a seamless design that’s easy to navigate.


One of the first elements to keep in mind when designing a glamorous interior is choosing an appropriate color palette. This often entails using vibrant hues that evoke luxury and decadence; warm gold tones can often be found here; lighting fixtures with metallic detailing such as brass can also add an eye-catching glam touch as can mirrored furniture and decorative accessories.

Glam spaces incorporate not only vibrant color schemes but also lavish fabrics with lots of texture – velvet and silk are among the many luxuriously soft options that feature sheen; often these fabrics are decorated with intricate patterns or designs made up of crystals or beads to add extra flair. Tufted furniture has become the signature symbol of glam style whether it’s a plush headboard or chair with this feature.

Metallic finishes add an eye-catching element to a glamorous space by reflecting light and creating a high-shine surface that sparkles and shimmers in any light source. Add metallic accents to lighting fixtures, table lamps or wall sconces for maximum shine! Don’t be intimidated by excess when adding these shimmery accents; let glam style be your guide and don’t hesitate to go big when selecting these metallic highlights!

A glamorous space will incorporate natural materials such as marble and crystal into its decor, as well as numerous mirrored surfaces to give an airy, spacious feeling to the room.

In this stunning space, a marble-topped dining table rests below an eye-catching pendant light that dazzles in sunlight. Pink chairs perfectly match its golden tones as well as its elegant marble flooring and fresh floral displays within glass vases add romance. Furthermore, decorative accessories and picture frames with gold metal finishes further elevate its glam look.

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A glamorous aesthetic relies heavily on reflective surfaces to evoke feelings of luxury and sophistication, from mirror walls to crystal chandeliers – creating the impression that each day spent there is special event rather than ordinary living space.

Faux fur rugs add warmth and softness to this elegant space, while decorative pillows upholstered in luxurious fabrics such as velvet or silk are staple elements of this design style. Bold patterns, such as zebra stripes and leopard prints are often featured in modern glam decor rooms; while metallic accents such as gold trim on coffee tables or nightstands add another shine feature. Gold finishes may even be applied to light fixtures for an additional sparkle!

Wall art plays an essential part in contemporary glam decor, from large art prints to intricately framed sunburst mirrors. Wall hangings such as large art prints or intricately framed sunburst mirrors to sculptures such as golden lion statues or gilded ostrich egg sculptures help elevate any room’s design aesthetic. Metal wall decor remains popular as one classic form of decorating element while glass and marble options can also add visual interest.

Furniture is often the focal point of any room, and this is especially true of modern glam style rooms. This design trend blends elements of various styles such as mod, mid-century and art deco to form an elegant yet timeless aesthetic characterized by sleek silhouettes with clean lines and subtle color palettes – an aesthetic which offers comfort without losing its sophistication or grandeur.


Metallic accents and mirrored surfaces will add the perfect amount of glitz to your home decor, and can often be found at stores such as HomeGoods or TJ Maxx at an affordable price point. Gold hues tend to dominate glamour interior design; silver works equally well. You can use shiny accents in lighting fixtures, furniture legs or other decorative accessories.

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Glam interior design style does not adhere to one specific time period, so you can mix elements from several periods to create your own version of it. Accessories from different eras can be found at thrift or antique shops or online. Furthermore, modern touches like geometric-patterned rugs or bold accent walls add modern flare.

Tufted furniture is an integral component of the glam interior design style. Commonly seen in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms alike, tufted pieces provide soft yet comfortable seating solutions while also adding an air of opulence. Neutral colors enhance their shape.

Glam interior design makes use of decorative mirrors with gilded frames to add an air of glamour and space. Mirrored furniture pieces like coffee tables or nightstands also work well when decorating in this manner.

For a glam bathroom upgrade, consider opting for gold-colored sinks and faucets as part of an upgrade plan. Or add eye-catching wallpapers for a dramatic touch!


Add glittery touches to your home for an easy way to elevate its style and atmosphere. From lampshades adorned with sequins to luxurious poufs and ottomans, there are numerous ways you can achieve this look without breaking the bank.

Velvet and silk fabrics, commonly seen in luxurious interiors, add luxurious texture and richness to the home. Use velvet and silk fabric in curtains, upholstery and pillows for an extravagant feel in any glam-inspired room. Faux fur throws and blankets add softness and warmth, perfect for creating the ideal glam vibe!

Metallic accents like brushed bronze, gold and silver can add shimmering metallic pieces. Vases with metallic finishes such as vase holders or candleholders also stand out, helping draw attention to other details in the room while their reflective properties illuminate spaces.

Glam interiors draw their inspiration from Art Deco, an influential style which first emerged during the early 1900s. To incorporate this influence in your glam home, try including geometric-patterned rugs, sunburst mirrors or gold-accented furniture as part of its design scheme.

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Furniture is essential when creating an elegant yet modern atmosphere, so choose pieces with luxurious textures like tufted sofas, accent chairs and beds – even ones featuring intricate carvings to give the room that extra pop!

For a vintage glam aesthetic, consider opting for furniture featuring mirrors like nightstands, vanity tables and desks with mirrored surfaces, such as nightstands, vanity tables or desks. Mirrored furniture adds instantaneous Hollywood-esque grandeur while opting for pieces with curved frames or retro silhouettes can further elevate this vintage glam aesthetic.

Statement Pieces

Interior design that exudes glamour relies on details. This type of decor is typically defined by luxurious fabrics and plenty of shimmer, creating an eye-catching style statement piece such as a tufted sofa or shimmering sideboard to set off any room with glamour. Choose neutral hues to enhance these pieces before layering iconic glam elements for an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

An exquisite color palette is key to creating a glamorous interior design scheme, whether that means soft pinks or creamy whites. The hues provide a sophisticated base that’s easily dressed up with luxurious accessories like gold and silver accents – as seen here with this bedroom featuring an exquisite blush-pink headboard with tufted detail capturing this glamorous design, as well as soft gold accents in mirrors, sconces and even on its marble tabletop!

Metallic finishes are essential components of glam decor and should be integrated into furniture, accessories and wall art for instant glamour design style. Choose gold, silver or brass metallic accents that blend in seamlessly with existing metallic accents in the space.

Simply adding mirrors can instantly elevate any home. Mirrors add dimension and reflect light for an airy and open atmosphere; especially popular among glam designers as they enhance furniture and accessory reflection. For an added sparkly touch, choose an ornate frame with sparkling detailing – it adds extra sparkle!