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How to Know Which Type of Air Filter Grille to Put in Your Home

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When people think of home design, they often focus on aesthetics. They prioritize how to get a stunning kitchen and a comfortable bedroom. In such cases, people rarely think about their HVAC systems and air grilles.

While it’s not a majestic feature, your air filtration plays a critical role in your home. Several factors affect the quality of your air filter, but the most important is an air filter grille.

Air filter grilles help your air filtration to function at its best performance. However, different types of air filters exist, each suiting various styles of homes. We’ll explore how you can tell which air filter grille will work best for your house.

Return Air Vent Filters

One type of air filter is the return filter, which acts as the first layer of protection against air pollutants. It also works against airborne bacteria that could cause you to get sick.

You install this filter at the return vent in your house (hence its name). From there, it can pre-filter dust and other particles. In doing so, you can keep your ductwork clean to extend your HVAC unit’s lifespan.

The location of your vent doesn’t necessarily matter as much as many people believe. You can choose a surface mount, or a wall or ceiling location.

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Determining Air Filter Grille Size

Vents aren’t a one-size-fits-all product. They come in several sizes, each suited to different vent sizes. To determine your new air filter grille size, check the dimensions of your old air filter.

If you don’t have an old air filter to reference, check for three different measurements. These include length, width, and depth. You can measure this by opening the return vent and assessing the sides.

First, measure the short side, then the long side. Lastly, measure the depth. Once you’ve got all these dimensions, round up the measurement to the nearest whole numbers.

Other Grille Considerations

There are several other factors to consider when choosing a grille filter. The placement of your grille helps the air circulation in a room. While specific locations don’t necessarily perform better than others, they must have an unobstructed flow.

You can also decide how many grilles you want to utilize. Some homeowners choose to use several smaller grilles throughout the house. Others prefer to have one large grille in a single place near the home furnace.

Besides return grilles, you also have the option of using wall transfer grilles, door grilles, or jump ducts. These ducts help to regulate and maintain a consistent airflow throughout the house.

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Lastly, consider the color of your grille. White grilles work well for rooms with white trim or lighter colored paints. However, other colors, such as black or tan, work for darker designs.

Find Your Air Filter Grille Today

An air filter grille is an essential component of any home. It helps circulate your air to keep you healthy and comfortable. So, don’t hesitate; pick up a new air grille today!

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