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Storage Tips for Your Precious Belongings

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Family heirlooms and precious items ask for special care and attention. At times, the thing is only precious for the emotional value attached to it. Alternatively, there are things that are just too expensive to be dealt with frivolously. Storing these things can be a daunting task. On one hand, you don’t want to spoil anything in the tiniest way and on the other hand you have to think and rethink about all the steps you take to preserve them. Here are a few tips that can help you taking care of things that are close to your heart or have cost you a fortune-


The foremost thing to consider is the safety of the precious goods. Depending on the cost and value of the stuff, you can opt for security vaults and alarm systems. Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are now very sophisticated alarm-systems that help you maximise and ensure the safety of your precious keepsakes.

Away from moisture, dirt, and heat

Moisture and heat can be the biggest enemies of the things that you love. Especially for things made up of wood and few specific metals, moisture can wreak havoc. Wherever you choose to store these things, make sure that there is no direct sunlight but at the same time, the room should be free from moisture and dampness. The room should be kept dust free and clean at all times.

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Packaging material

The material that you choose to wrap up the precious materials is of crucial importance. Plastic, which is considered the safest option, has its own flaws- it traps in moisture and dirt particles. Over the time, these may damage the precious metals, stones, and materials etc. You can make use of materials that help absorb the moisture and disinfectants that keep away germs and fungus.


Depending on the nature of the material in question, you need to ensure whether it would be safe to stack something over the box. It the item in question is fragile or compressible, avoid placing anything above the box.

Self-storage companies

You can also consider the use of self-storage facilities for storing some precious stuff. The Self-storage companies offer extremely efficient security systems. These are often more secure than an average home. The storage units are climatically controlled, hence protecting your valuables from moisture, fungus, mildew etc.

Label the boxes

When storing different boxes with different stuff, it is best to mark the boxes with appropriate labels. This would make it easier to get to them in future. Be liberal with the labels and mark them on all sides with details.

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Out of reach of children

It’s best to keep valuables out of reach of children. They might not know and understand the value of your treasured items and may be careless with them. It’s better not to take a chance by storing these well out of reach of kids.

Every now and then, you can have a look at these items so as to ensure that they are not damaged from climatic conditions of any other factor.