Keycaps Are Not Just For Plating: Artisan Keycaps Comes In Many Colors

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Artisan keycaps are high quality, hand-made, artisan-designed keycaps that keyboard hobbyists and computer users frequently use to replace the usually-transparent, plastic-colored Esc key, Fn (function) key, or other less-used keys on their computers. They are an economical solution for anyone looking for a high-end recap for their keyboards, as well as those interested in producing their own key caps for personal use. They can easily brighten up even a dull, gray-box computer keyboard, and add visual appeal that many users find attractive. Whether you’re designing a custom keypad design for yourself or creating a DIY keycap set for others, artisan keycaps can help give your keyboard a unique appeal that will amaze your friends.

Styles And Design

Artisan keycaps come in a wide range of styles and designs, ranging from extremely simple designs to incredibly complex and ornate designs. This diversity is the result of the sheer number of different types of keys that are currently available on the market. While some keyboards only contain a few standard function keys, others contain dozens, if not hundreds, of them. Even professional keycap manufacturers like SteffeKrystal and Casablanca Keyboards have jumped into the keycap production market, producing top-of-the line keycaps that are in many cases indistinguishable from the real thing. Many keyboard enthusiasts find that the look and feel of an artisan keycap are more pleasing to the eye than a plastic version, which can also be more difficult to color coordinate with the rest of their keyboard’s colors.

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Buying Keycaps

While artisan keycaps can be purchased directly from a vendor online, sometimes they are sold in small batches at online stores or computer hardware stores. In these cases, the vendor must carefully replicate each keypad design, using a high-resolution laser imaging technique called injection molding. After an order is placed, the vendor will provide a clear and accurate mold of each individual keypad and then ship the caps off. (Vendor instructions with online stores are usually easy to follow.)

A note about buying

While some artisan keycaps can be made by hand by the vendor themselves, most are manufactured and shipped in large batches. This mass production has several advantages. First, because all of the keys are uniform in size, shape, and color, all of the keycaps in a given batch can be the same exact color, allowing for uniform and professional-looking keycaps. Second, because all of the key caps are uniform in size, they all fit tightly together without any “wiggle room,” ensuring that the keyboards to function properly when everyone is using the same keypad sets. Third, because the manufacturing process uses large amounts of uniform mold plastic, the final products always have a high quality finish and are subject to very little stretching or warping.

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Where To Buy

For those of you who want your own artisan keycaps, there are a few options. You could try finding a keyboard designer on Etsy or other online marketplace sites and requesting a custom keypad design. While this may be a bit more costly than making them yourself, it can also be a fun and rewarding experience to work from home, put together something by yourself, and see what you can come up with. You could even sell your custom creations online, since there is a big market for handmade crafts on Etsy and other similar online shops.

Painting Artisan Keycaps

If resin artisan keycaps come in a color you prefer, it is often possible to paint them to match the rest of your computer keyboard. Some computer keyboard manufacturers have special keys designed in a variety of colors, allowing for completely contrast-free key Caps. This option is not available with most resin key cap manufacturers, but it is an easy way to decorate your keypad. Finally, if you do not care so much about whether or not the keycaps look good on your keyboard, you might consider simply ordering a set at a great price and then building your own keychain to go with them. With a little bit of crafting, you can turn the cheapest keycap you can find into a very pretty keycap that is a great match to your computer monitor.