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Using Flowery Elements In Interior Design Projects – Options To Consider

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With spring right round the corner, a lot of people want to add color to their lives. Many want to bring the outdoors indoors. This is actually a trend that started many months ago and it will be really strong during the spring.

By simply incorporating floral patterns and flowers in your interior home design, you can easily end up with something that you will love as you will feel nature closer to you. The problem is that it can be quite tricky to incorporate such elements. However, anyone can take the following tips into account.

use large scale florals

Use Large Scale Florals

Out of the different interior design tips that we can offer, one that is really important is that you can always use large scale floral patterns in order to bring spring indoors. Those patterns that are properly structured and focus on elegance and shape are preferred to those that are busy and small. Remember that you need to keep everything simple when you use large elements or you will end up with an overall interior design that is too full. There are some interesting floral examples here.

use floral colors

Use Floral Colors

Floral patterns are associated with feminine designs by a lot of people. If you are among them, you can avoid the florals and simply use floral colors. Many patterns out there will use bold and bright colors that will make a strong statement. You can use the bold floral patterns for upholstery, wallpapers, pillow or/and curtains.

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use real flowers

Use Real Flowers

This is something that is pretty much obvious but we have to understand that your love for nature can easily lead you towards having too many plants inside your home. This is a mistake that you should not make since you would end up with a home that would look too old.

The secret to using real flowers is to use them as focal points surrounded by elements with neutral colors. When you do that, you do not need to use too many flowers and you will end up with the effect that you wanted to portray. Some examples can be seen here.

Use Monochromatic Floral Patterns

The monochromatic approach is perfect for those that only now start to use flowery elements and do not actually know if they will like it or not. We can use a dominant hue in order to gain stability while incorporating the floral patterns with matching color bases. This ends up creating accents and not main attractions.

Use Masculine Pieces In A Combination With Flowery Pieces

In order to be completely safe and not end up making your interior look too feminine, you can always add masculine or rustic pieces that would offset flower femininity. For instance, you can add seasoned wooden tables or leather club chairs. Make sure that they are of a neutral color though. Never mix the florals with delicate décor elements since that would create a fragile mood.

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These are just some things that you can think about. Many other options are available. You have to be creative and adding personality is what counts the most at the end of the day. If you feel that you overdid it, there is a pretty good chance that you did.