5 Great Tips To Make More Storage Space In Your Home

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If your house looks as though you are camping out rather than taking up permanent residence, you need to find a way to improve storage space. A cluttered home makes your daily life feel less organized. Eliminate the unkempt atmosphere by incorporating a few simple tips. Once you have every item in its proper place, you can enjoy the inviting and warm environment of your humble living quarters. Make use of the following five great tips to create the extra storage space you need:

Store unused items in an outside facility

Take advantage of a local storage center for storing various items you do not currently use. If you do not have the courage to sell or donate some of your unused possessions, storing items in a different location helps you to achieve greater organization in your home. The low monthly fee of a storage facility warrants serious consideration of this available option. Find a facility offering temperature controls that protect items from humidity. Of course, you want to find a nearby facility so you can look at your belongings whenever you feel the inclination.

Add extra cupboards to the kitchen

If your kitchen is so small that you barely have room in which to store your canned goods, pots, frying pans, dishes and coffee cups, consider the option of adding additional cupboards. If you have a knack for do-it-yourself projects around the house, get free advice from building supply stores about new types of shelves that create an unbelievable amount of extra storage space in your tiny kitchen.

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Storage space
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Pack clothes in airtight plastic storage bags

Lack of ample closet space presents its own unique problem when you desperately need to create more storage space. One way to solve the common dilemma is to pack clothes you are not currently wearing into airtight plastic bags with seals. When you squish all the extra air out of storage bags, you can pile the bags in neat rows within the narrow confines of your closet. You will experience a greatly improved closet storage area for shirts, blouses, pants, dresses and dresses by following this simple tip.

Use the space under your bed for additional storage

Buy inexpensive boxes manufactured for storing items under beds, and use the ample space underneath your bed for storage. While it is probably not a good idea to keep money, jewelry, antiques or other valuables under your bed, using the area under your bed to store extra pairs of socks, slippers and shoes helps free up more space in your bedroom closet.

Use bookshelves and cabinets liberally

Find bookshelves and cabinets at yard sales or thrift stores, or build your own furniture. Use bookshelves for the books that presently reside on your bedroom and living room floors. Decorate your bookshelves with decorative plant containers, trophies or other odds and ends. Once you create the extra storage space you need, stand back, take a deep breath and invite your friends to a home cooked meal in your spacious dining room.