Maximising space in small bedrooms


Sometimes, we get stuck with small rooms. While there are ways of getting around this problem, it can be especially frustrating when the room in question is the bedroom. After all, the bedroom needs to hold a lot of different things, including the bed itself, clothes and furniture such as desks and wardrobes. If the bedroom is small it can be difficult to make use of the space effectively which can lead to further storage issues. The last thing that you want is to have to put half of your stuff in other parts of the house just so you can get around your bedroom without tripping or walking into something, so let’s look at some ways that you can maximise space in small bedrooms.



While you might be used to storing your clothes in wardrobes and the like, it may be worth removing a few of the larger pieces of storage furniture that you have in order to have more floor space. Instead, you can store your clothes beneath the bed; this can be done either by using a bed that incorporates storage into the design, such as including drawers in the frame. Another alternative is to use storage bags and boxes; you can find some simple, stylish designs from home improvement companies. These can be used for any items that you don’t use regularly as well.

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By Mark Nordgren under CC BY-ND 2.0


Change your bed

There are all kinds of bed designs that are perfect for conserving space. While it’s nice to have a large bed, sometimes it’s simply not practical, so you have to make an exception. Look for a bed that won’t take up the entirety of your floor space or leave the remaining space cramped and restrictive. Consider beds that make the best use of smaller spaces; like a sofa bed, Murphy bed (which pulls out from the wall) or futon. Granted, it’s not ideal, but you’ll still be able to sleep in comfort without sacrificing too much space.


Multifunctional Furniture

Rather than having to shift your furniture out of the bedroom, you should instead consider having multifunctional furniture instead. A bed with drawers was previously mentioned, but you can also get models that incorporate other types of furniture, such as bookshelves. You can get wardrobes that come with drawers as well, and a whole range of multifunctional furniture that would be ideal for maximising your space. Just bear in mind that any furniture you buy should be able to store the majority of your items; don’t but a smaller wardrobe just because it’s cheaper.


Make Use of Other Rooms

In this case, it’s not suggested that you store all of your clothes and things in other parts of the house, rather that you put the other storage facilities in the house to good use. For example, you could transfer the clothes you wear the least, such as formal wear and winter coats, into another wardrobe, freeing up some space for you. Seasonal clothing and rarely used items can be stored in other parts of the house without massively inconveniencing you.