Mediterranean kitchen ideas


Mediterranean Kitchen Ideas

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If you prefer a more laid-back aesthetic, a Mediterranean design might just be what’s needed in your home. From Mediterranean kitchen tile to wrought iron chandeliers, Mediterranean ideas add timeless beauty. Check out the following Mediterranean kitchen ideas for incredible results.

Curves play an essential part in Mediterranean designs. A curved false ceiling, sculptural hood, or island are great ways to emphasize this aesthetic and help bring out its inherent beauty.

Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta, Latin for baked earth, brings warmth into any room throughout the year. Whether interpreted as burnt orange, chalky plaster pink, or rusty reds – its warm tones have an instantaneous calming effect and conjure images of Mediterranean evenings.

Terra cotta works well in any room, but its use shines especially bright in sunlight-drenched rooms like an open plan kitchen and lounge. Here, its rich floor tiles add a welcoming glow that is further highlighted by custom timber cabinetry and pendant lamps.

The backsplash features decorative pressed copper tile that adds rustic charm while emphasizing the natural aspects of terra cotta. It complements well with the flooring’s earthy tones to form a cohesive design that stays true to Italy.

Regarding the Mediterranean kitchen ideas for cabinets, they feature a light neutral tone to prevent the space from feeling weighted down. Topped off with white quartz countertops which help brighten up the area further, they also boast powder blue accent walls for an eye-catching pop of color against earthy terra cotta hues.

The kitchen bench boasts a neutral hue with an eye-catching surface resembling pottery textured pottery ware. This piece provides an easy way to bring some Italian flavor into your kitchen without overwhelming it with colors.

Terra cotta works beautifully with many colors, especially cooler hues such as blue and green. Their cool tones create an effective balance to the warm orange tones of terra cotta floor tiles while soft palettes of whites offer more summery vibes.

Although Terra-cotta fell out of use between the fall of Rome and the 14th century, its use as decorative art made a comeback during 15th-century Italy under the Della Robbia family use in free sculpture (whether painted or unglazed) as an accent against marble and bronze work and became widely popular throughout Europe. Today it can still be found being utilized in both utilitarian pottery such as jars or pots as well as decorative arts like vases or wall hangings.

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Blue and Yellow

An integral element of the Mediterranean style is the use of warm colors. Revel in yellows, oranges, and reds as you create a look that’s both vibrant and warm – colorful accents such as dish towels or rugs can help enhance this theme! Materials also play an essential part in this design style – wood floors, terra cotta countertops, and wrought iron details are popular choices that help bring this design style together.

Terra-cotta ceramic floor tiles and rag-roll finished walls are classic elements in this Mediterranean kitchen, but its more modern vibe comes from light beige cabinets and counters, along with an expansive U-shaped island for extra fun! Incorporating dark wenge barstools upholstered with brocade fabric completes its Tuscan aesthetic.

Wrought iron details are an iconic component of Mediterranean kitchens, and mesh doors further accentuate this aesthetic. Embossed motifs work particularly well when combined with dark wood cabinets.

Terra cotta tile can add the signature Mediterranean look to any room, yet be overwhelming in smaller spaces. To add a lighter touch to the space, consider using it on an accent wall or as a backsplash tile.

Mosaic tile is another ideal option for Mediterranean-inspired kitchens, offering both versatility in shape and color options. Mosaic tiles feature an eye-catching diamond pattern to add dimension and visual weight to your space.

If you prefer more classic options for your ceiling design, wooden beams and trusses might be just the thing to add a sense of grandeur and elevate your room into the realm of a Mediterranean villa.

Curved lines play an integral role in creating the Mediterranean aesthetic of this traditional-style kitchen. If you want to bring curves into your home, add a curved false ceiling or island. Curves can also be added through kitchen faucets and other decorative accents.

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Mid-Sized Tuscan

Tuscan Mediterranean kitchen ideas often stray away from strict traditional styling with more casual elements and lighter color palettes. Notable design elements in Tuscan kitchens include terra-cotta and travertine floor tiles, wrought iron accents with old-world designs, natural stone backsplashes, painted or stained wood cabinetry as well as painted or stained cabinets – features that can combine into an exquisite Mediterranean kitchen design in any sized eat-in kitchen space.

Light earthy shades of yellow and orange work well to create an inviting and relaxing ambiance in a mid-sized Mediterranean kitchen, such as Terra-cotta travertine tile flooring or yellow walls with glazed ceramic backsplashes, yellow walls with ornate wrought-iron beams clad wooden ceiling capped by ornate wrought iron beams, rustic rough cut stone fireplace surround, dark bar stools with glass front cabinets for display purposes, handcrafted wrought iron chandelier with a more classic motif, etc.

Many designers of Tuscan-style kitchens shy away from darker colors and finishes for fear of creating too formal or intimidating an atmosphere, but this design proves otherwise. A richer atmosphere can still be achieved even with dark American cherry wood cabinetry and countertops; using terra-cotta tile flooring and real limestone wall paint help balance out its dark finish against light maple cabinets and Mahogany countertops, while mint green accent color on a base cabinet adds interest while simultaneously drawing attention to natural limestone countertops.

This kitchen’s most prominent design element is its Tuscan-style coffered ceiling that extends above the central island. This ceiling draws the eye upward, showcasing artisanal wood molding and beams as well as antique brick tiles on the ceiling and weathered fruitwood finishes on cabinets. Other notable elements in this space include large windows to bring natural light in during the daytime as well as cast-iron pot racks and wall sconces for additional illumination.

Tuscan-inspired kitchens often make use of woven textures in their design. Woven basket storage for dishware and kitchen linens is an effective way to stay organized while staying true to the Tuscan aesthetic. Many Tuscan kitchens opt for curtain fronts instead of cabinet doors for a more spontaneous aesthetic.

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Mid-Sized Retro

Retro kitchen ideas can be striking with vibrant colors and fluid lines that recall carefree times of youth. Red is often the preferred hue in retro designs; glossy cherry red cabinets make an eye-catching statement in this kitchen design style. A raised kidney-shaped bar adds diner flair while providing comfortable spots to prep food or eat meals. Dark countertop appliances balance bright cabinetry while adding contrast with white backsplash tile and blue mosaic tiling reminiscent of a vintage feel; for an added flair consider including Eastern influences in your design like unique patterns for tiles or oriental prints into your design project.

Retro kitchen ideas often incorporate a fresh natural aesthetic. This design is ideal for those with limited space who wish to incorporate organic materials, while still having ample counter space available. Open shelving constructed from natural-toned wood features with white finishes provides ample storage while adding an organic touch with plants adding greenery back into the space and connecting back with nature. Plus, its white hue makes cleaning faster!

This kitchen features a stunning color palette, featuring soft pinks and blues in pastel tones to achieve a balanced aesthetic. Utensils, apothecary jars, and teal refrigerators help maintain this theme; their use complements darker cabinetry without disrupting its look. An unexpected element in the design is smoky teal countertops which add depth against darker cabinetry without disrupting this harmonious aesthetic.

Teal countertops and backsplash are of the go-to shades for retro kitchens, making this option suitable for smaller spaces. Here it’s balanced by salmon-and-black accents in this kitchen; while the tan cabinets tie everything together. An interesting choice to complete the retro aesthetic is wooden kitchen utensils and jars arranged along a black-and-white checkerboard floor.

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