Why an Orangery Is The Best Place For A Party


Have you recently wanted to throw a party, but were worried there just wasn’t enough space?. No matter how many times you move the sofas and the tables around, you seem to be losing space rather than creating it. Maybe it’s time you considered an orangery. They’re spacious and comfortable with a striking design. Who could say no to that?

So, What Exactly Is An Orangery?

Many people still think that an orangery is only for growing orangeries. Although this was their original purpose, times have moved on.

An orangery is similar to a conservatory in that it is a kind of extension to your house, and so can be used as an extra dining space or sitting room. However rather than an all-glass structure, an orangery has large windows and a more solid roof.


Orangery garden
By Herry Lawford under CC BY 2.0


Why Orangeries Are Useful?


A bespoke orangery is much more than just a random extension to your house; it’s the modern way to stylishly extend your home and connect it with your garden. As the perfect place for parties, it gives your guests extra space to relax and mingle in, so everyone’s not crowded into the living room or kitchen.

Should it become too crowded, then you can easily move your guests straight into the garden and give them the option to enjoy any nice weather outside. On the other hand, if you’re having a garden party and it randomly decides to pour down, as usual, you can escape back to the orangery without feeling like you’ve left the garden.

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Orangeries don’t have to be just a room where you put some extra sofas and chairs. You can personalise it and make it a really stylish space that you want to show off to your guests.

Decorate the walls with some of your favourite paintings or a whole host of family photos. Stick with a simple colour scheme to show off the design of the orangery but for a special occasion you can hang streamers, bunting or fairy lights for that added touch. There are countless ways to impress your guests with your orangery.

Nice and Bright

The last thing you want at a party is to not be able to see the person you’re talking to. Orangeries have large windows that let in a lot of light, creating a space that people will naturally drift towards.

If you’re having a very low key dinner party then after it gets dark, you can add some candles to your orangery to create a soothing atmosphere. Just don’t leave them unattended or goodbye to your lovely new orangery!

All the Different Parties You Can Have

Tea Parties

If you’ve decided to throw your daughter a party for her birthday or your best friend a baby shower, then tea parties are some girl-friendly options. I can’t recommend a better place than an orangery as they’re easy to decorate with a lovely view of the garden. It’s also easy to place a long table in the orangery and set out all your best china and dainty sandwiches.

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Dinner Parties

An orangery will come into its own at Christmas or any dinner party with a large number of people. You can easily seat more relatives in the orangery than in your own dining room, meaning everyone from great aunts and the distant cousins can all dine together. Less hassle for everyone!

Birthday Parties

Orangeries are great for both intimate get-togethers and lavish birthday parties. It will be a great place for all the party snacks, leaving the rest of the room for your guests to use.  If you’re having a small party then an orangery is perfect for its dramatic design and great garden back-drop, providing a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere.

Are you thinking of adding an orangery to your house? Can you think of any other reasons why it would be great for a party?