How to Prepare Your Home for Exterior Paint

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You’re in the midst of a cold and snowy winter, but spring really isn’t all that far away. You’ve been meaning to put a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home but haven’t gotten around to it just yet. If you are looking forward to warmer, drier weather when you can spruce up the exterior of your home, here are some suggestions for preparing your home for exterior paint.

Cleaning Your Roof and Gutters Is Crucial

Whether you had your gutters cleaned last fall or are just getting around to it now, the important thing to understand is that any debris will mar the finish. Always clear away leaves, twigs and anything else which may have collected on your roof just prior to painting. However, do keep in mind that you want to wait until after the season’s last heavy snowfall and just prior to spring rains. For example, in the Twin Cities area, you will need to watch the forecast before contracting a gutter cleaning Minneapolis service. More snow may bring more debris from ice-laden nearby branches, so keeping an eye on the weather is a critical step.

Trim Back Nearby Trees

Speaking of heavy branches, you will also want to hire a tree-trimming service to cut back any branches hanging over areas of the home which you are going to paint. Nothing ruins a new paint job quicker than twigs and branches scraping against your home, so prune bushes and trim trees. Just be aware that there are certain times of year when various trees are best trimmed.

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Pressure Washing Your Exterior Walls May Be Needed

Before you can hope to have paint stick to your exterior siding, you may want to pressure wash your home. Built up dirt and grime will interfere with a smooth finish and paint will peel off in heavy rains. It is suggested that you pressure wash after your gutters have been cleaned and your trees are trimmed back. The last vestiges of dirt can be safely removed at this point.

Don’t Forget to Make Any Necessary Repairs

As a final step and just before you begin painting, don’t forget to make any repairs. For example, if your fascias and soffits have suffered damage, replace them before painting. The same holds true for gutters and missing or broken siding panels. Once you’ve made your repairs, you’re ready to start.

DIY House Painting Tip – Apply Primer First

If you are going to paint your own home, apply a good primer first. This will serve two very important purposes. The first is that a good primer will help your siding accept the paint and the second is that you can apply primer that is mold and mildew resistant. A good base coat is an absolute must.

This is the time of year to start thinking about all those home improvements you will make when the weather clears up. By giving yourself time to get all your supplies and services lined up, you will be able to paint your home efficiently, saving you time and money. This is the year for a new look so choose your colors and before you know it, you will be coming home to a new house.