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How To Use Velvet To Get An Opulent Look In Your Bedroom

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Velvet has been around for centuries and it is great inside bedrooms. While it is not cheap, using velvet in your bedroom is going to offer a truly opulent look while prices are much lower than in the past. If you want to add some velvet to the bedroom, here are some pretty simple ways to do this.

Improve Bedroom Background With Velvet

For starters, you can always use the curtains when your desire to add some velvet. This is going to block out light so it is highly functioning as the room instantly gets a Victorian feel, all based on what color and style you consider. When you do not want the velvet to stand out too much, white is a great option.

Another thing to take into account is adding velvet wallpaper. The choice is bolder than the curtain and you can always initially start with solid colors when you want subtle effects. When you feel bolder, wallpapers with patterns are good, although guests will surely want to touch it.

No matter what you do, remember the fact that velvet is really rich. It can easily look luxurious and texture can be added to the bedroom but you do not want to solely consider it or you would be faced with too much. Interest and depth become stronger in this way.

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Velvet Throw Pillows

You will easily be able to add velvet to the bedroom without having to go overboard by using throw pillows. They are cheap and you can easily figure out if you like fabric or if you do not. The covers can even be made by you for the pillows that you already have around the home.

Accent Chair

A velvet accent chair can so easily make a really strong statement and the result will never be overwhelming. At the same time, the high-backed armchair featuring velvet will lend a pretty classy air to your bedroom while offering a traditional feeling. Do you have an armchair that feels old? Use velvet to reupholster it.

Velvet Bed Skirts

The base of the bed is an option that few people consider but it does offer a really traditional look. Cover the base or the box springs with velvet if you are interested in a cleaner, more contemporary look. In both ways you are going to end up with something more sophisticated. The bonus here is that there is no need to add a frame when you use velvet.

Velvet Headboards

Headboards are wonderful when you look for a great option to utilize velvet in bedrooms. The fabric is soft and the result is luxurious and comfortable. It automatically makes a strong statement without having a room that is fully covered in velvet. This would be highly overwhelming.

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Use Velvet On The Top Of The Bed

Velvet accents are always pretty simple to use in the top bed area. You are going to get a strong color poop when velvet is thrown at bed feet. Another option is to utilize throw pillows made out of velvet in order to accent the bed. You do not need too much velvet to get something great.

How Do You Add Velvet To Your Bedroom?

The recommendations we offered above are just some that can be considered with numerous other opportunities being available. What is your way of adding velvet to bedrooms?