Room Decor Ideas for Mexican Blankets

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If you like vibrant ethnic patterns, then there is nothing like vivid, striped Mexican blankets known as sarapes to liven up your living room or den. These blankets with a Mayan twist, often fringed, have traditionally been worn by men in Mexico.

These gorgeous blankets have traditionally been manufactured in house looms by Mayan women. Since each piece is individually crafted, these beautiful and versatile blankets become pieces of art.

You can accent any piece of furniture with a sarape, or you can use it as a rug. The vivid patterns and bold colors will instantly brighten up your room and make a small room appear larger.

Strapped for ideas? Here are a few creative ways you can use these Mexican blankets. These are only to start you off. Once you get the idea, you can let your imagination take over and come up with new ways to use them!


Ideas For the Dining Room

Mexican blankets make great tablecloths for the dining room. Think back to restaurants you visited in Mexico, and you may recall the extra appeal that the meal had because of the table accented with a sarape. Sarapes come in various sizes, so you can find one to cover your dining table entirely.

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Narrow sarapes can also work great as table runners. Since they are usually long, simply fold one lengthwise in half and it can complement the color of any coffee table or work table.

And if you are good with sewing and crafting, you can get creative and turn them into colorful placemats for great accents to your meals. Worried about getting them dirty? You don’t have to. You can put them in a cold wash and find that they keep their colors well.


mexican blankets
By Tradlands under CC BY 2.0


Ideas for the Living Room

If you’re bored with the way your sofa looks but don’t want to re-upholster them, you can liven them up with these Mexican blankets as throws. Drape the blanket over your sofa. You can throw a large one over the entire couch or simply drape it over the head of the sofa.

You can do the same for tired-looking old chairs and loungers as well. You can even get a little handy with the sewing machine and stitch the sides together for simple and beautiful slipcovers. And while you’re at the sewing machine, convert a few of them into pillow covers for instantly brightening up any room they’re in.

These sarapes are also great to hang up on a wall like a tapestry. Fold it in a fan, hang it up and see the room come alive. Outdoors, sarapes also make great picnic rugs.

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Mexican Blankets In the Bedroom

Add warmth to your bedroom with Mexican blankets draped over the dresser. Or use it practically as a bright bedspread which you can fold back during the day for a lighter tone. You can also hang them up as drapes.

There are several types of patterns and color combinations that Mexican blankets come in. Whether you want bolder colors or softer patterns, you are sure to find one that will be perfect for the use you want to put it to. And with each one more beautiful than the last, you may even have trouble making a choice!