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Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas For The Entire House

Shabby Chic, Shabby chic decorating

Shabby Chic became popular because of its romantic charm and it stayed in style for the same reason. This décor style is perfect for dreamers and creative people. Last year we talked about the overall idea of shabby chic in home décor, this year we decided to give you some ideas to decorate your home in this style. You can create your own shabby chic corner or room with just a few simple tricks that we are more than happy to share with you. You don’t need to transform your entire house into a shabby chic styled home, sometimes a few elements to add that special touch are enough. Also, you do not need to invest a lot of money into redesigning, DIY projects are very helpful when it comes to this style. To make things even easier, we will talk about how to add shabby chic elements into every single room of the house. It’s up to you if you decide to redecorate a single room or your entire house, but we’re very sure you’ll love all our ideas!

Shabby Chic Kitchen

Shabby Chic Kitchen

Aged furniture with pastel accents mean a great shabby chic kitchen. Vintage curtains around the windows and some metal accessories can add that special shabby chic look you were looking for. And you can easily add personal elements too, like cigar cutters on the kitchen counters or specialty knives near the espresso machine.

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Shabby Chic Bedroom

shabby chic bedroom

Aged wood headboards or metal headboards, shutters added on the walls near the bed, a canopy bed, pastel or vintage furniture are all great elements for a shabby chic bedroom. If you don’t want to invest in new furniture, aging techniques should become your best friends.

Shabby Chic Bathroom

shabby chic bathroom

To add a shabby chic vibe to your bathroom you need one or more of the following decorations/elements: vintage curtains around your bathtub, a vintage bathtub, a chandelier, aged bathroom cabinets, a vintage mirror.

Shabby Chic Living Room

shabby chic living room

When it comes to a shabby chic living room, things can get really creative. Even though white walls are common in shabby chic, colors being added through furniture or decorations, you can try to paint your walls in pastel shades for more variation. A distressed coffee table can be the centerpiece of a shabby chic living room, while old school shutters can surround your windows to accentuate the style.

Shabby chic metal decorations are great and easy to make with some help from metal aging tutorials. All you need is a metal accessory and 30 minutes of actual work. These metal additions will be great as décor elements for a shabby chic living room.

shabby chic living room - metal addition

Shabby Chic Nursery

shabby chic nursery

When it comes to shabby chic, pink is definitely for girls and baby blue for boys! Sure, these two colors can be mixed with a lot of white and other pastel shades for a nursery with a more neutral aspect, but the good news is that those vintage touches really look good in any type of nursery.

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Shabby Chic Children’s Room

shabby chic children's room

To create a shabby chic paradise for your kids, you need wood elements, an antique wooden horse might be the best idea, many pillows and comfortable corners for children to play. A wallpaper can make all the difference so make sure you pick your kid’s favorite for the best outcome!