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Solar Panel Contractors near Me vs DIY: Which Is the Right Choice?

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There’s no question about it, everything in the US is getting more expensive. One of the primary drivers of inflation is the rising cost of energy. If your utility bill is feeling the strain, then you’re probably thinking about ways you can drive it down, like installing solar panels on your home.

You’ve probably spent some time searching “solar panel contractors near me” and trying to decide whether to hire them or do it yourself. We can help you make that decision. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each of them!

Advantages of Installing Your Own Solar Panels

The primary advantage of installing your own solar panels is that it’ll cost you less money. Many people who do it on their own are able to shave off 60% of costs by saving on labor.

On top of the financial savings, it might actually save you time, especially if you live in an area where solar panel contractors are in high demand. You can install the panels when you want rather than wait for them to be ready. Finally, you’ll also have a tremendous sense of accomplishment once you complete the work.

Disadvantages of Installing Your Own Solar Panels

There are a couple of pretty big disadvantages that come along with installing solar panels on your own.

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It takes a ton of hard labor, and you have to have an in-depth knowledge of electrical work. It’s extremely challenging to get it done on your own, both mentally and physically. Finally, you might encounter some serious legal issues in the form of permits, regulations, and local codes.

If you want to go it alone on solar panels, at a minimum, you should have a contractor review your plans to make sure they’re sound.

Why Choose to Hire Solar Panel Contractors?

You know that the downside to hiring solar panel contractors to install solar panels on your home is that it will cost you a lot more money. Still, there’s a powerful argument to be made for hiring them.

First, solar panel contractors are professionals, and they’re highly skilled at performing solar panel installations. The job will be done quickly and will save you a ton of stress. They’ll also guarantee that you’ll receive the warranties you otherwise wouldn’t qualify for if you installed them yourself.

When you meet with your solar panel contractor, be sure to come to the meeting prepared with questions to ask them. This can help you make an informed decision about whether you want to hire solar panel contractors to complete the work and whether this particular solar panel contractor is the right one for the job.

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Solar Panel Contractors Near Me or DIY? Which Will You Choose?

Every homeowner who considers installing solar panels on their home spends some time exploring their options by searching for “solar panel contractors near me.” Installation costs might have you feeling a little bit of sticker shock, but the peace of mind that comes with professional work is priceless. Unless you have experience in that field, it’s probably best to go with a pro.

Making sure that your home is as comfortable and functional as possible is a lot of work. Let us help you make that job a little easier. Check out the rest of our blog for tons of tips and tricks!