Top 4 Home Design Apps That Simplify the Home Remodeling Process

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Let’s discuss the top four home design apps that simplify the home remodeling process.

Morpholio Board

People who used Morpholio Board would understand that the app would be able to design by the designers. It is an interior home design and décor app that allows designers to layout mood boards and composite decking ideas and collages. This glossy app will give the pictures and plug in the items to select the furnishings and accessories from brands like 3Form or Knoll and firms like Volk.

It would be best if you chose the piece you like, and you can click on the fabric options of the product site just as the feature is unique to the iPad and generates cut sheets or spreadsheets of selected products. It would save designers tons of time and deadly work.


It is the most popular home design app that is free and helps you design your home furniture with the help of 3d architectural rendering or Augmented Reality. Houzz is the mother of all design apps. Here you can search out the interior and exterior designs.

In this app, the home images organized, allowing style, location, and room. Here you can browse, search out, and save favorites to your notebook to store your ideas and give the app a real-life view. You can check out the professional new interior furniture designs that would attract people.

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With the help of this app, you can shop for millions of products directly from the app and give the customer a real-life view of how the product would look in real with the help of AR.


The next app is the MagicPlan that transforms the particular trial of taking measurements into an effortless process or procedure. The interior design would be able to compute distances within the space just simply by analyzing the snapshot.

The size of the product is measured, and you can shop online within the app by giving all your furniture sizes and dimensions. Like how you want your furniture, you can get that precisely by providing accurate details.


The next best home interior design app is Havenly. If you are looking for expert interior design advice, then Havenly would be your proper place. The app helps you to create a collaborative environment where you can remodel your house with outstanding home renovation ideas around the real interior designers for different projects by adding touches to a room.

The primary step towards remodeling your home improvement contract ideas is to pick your designer. You can personalize your design like how you want to collaborate your thoughts, write down in the notebook to remember, receive a visualization and go for interior home designs for floor plans.

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Create a home remodeling process as below:

Steps mentioned below:

  • Planning: The person needs to plan for about one month, like how they want to remodel their home. Planning plays an essential role in all these situations while searching out the furniture designs. If you have a plan, you got what you need.
  • Demolition: the next step is demolition. It should be for about two weeks.
  • Electrical and plumbing: it starts for about five days. Plumbing and electrical things play an essential role in your home. Based on remodeling the home process, plumbing needs to get done.
  • Framing and Drywall: the next step is framing. It should do within ten days. Whereas, home remodeling process requires the walls to look great and the floors to be well-styled.
  • Painting: do within one week. The central part of the home where the whole looks come from is the painting. Go for the best master paints that would look great on the home walls.
  • Cabinets and fixtures: it takes time around one week. If you have a room with no cabinets, it would not be suitable for you. Cabinets in each room look great for better styling with the walls and bed structure of the room.
  • Door and windows: it takes about five days to remodel the door and windows in the home. Doors play another critical role in designing a better home with better textures. It would be best to focus that your entry must be solid and shouldn’t break at once. All the windows should be present in each room for ventilation purposes.
  • Clean House and Air Ventilation: It takes about one day. Cleaning the house and ventilation would allow you to get sunlight and air at the same time.
  • Flooring: it takes around one week to do. At the same time, flowing must be protective and solid enough.
  • Finish work: it would take about one week to trim or finish the entire work properly in the desired manner.
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Hopefully, the details mentioned above related to the topic Top 4 Home Design Apps That Simplify the Home Remodeling Process are as follow:

  1. Morpholio Board
  2. Houzz
  3. MagicPlan
  4. Heavenly

The home remodeling process of a home design app helps to remodel designs. We can search out the arrangements with the help of these mentioned above apps where we would easily buy different furniture for our homes and style accordingly.

If you have any confusion related to the article, I’m here to understand better; feel free to ask.