Top 5 Simple and Light ways to make moving easy

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Moving into a new place? Most home owners have their own dilemmas when it comes to moving. Most people got so anxious and confused with the thought of moving.  The idea of packing and organizing things is really a big and tough job for most home owners. But we must always remember that there is always a great solution no matter how big the problem is. Keep in mind that this project should be fun and exciting, not stressful.

There are so many different tips about moving, but definitely you’ll be able to find the best one that will suit your needs. Expect that it will be time consuming, tiring and messy, remember that proper planning is always the key to a  successful project.


Top five ways to make moving easy

1.Assessment – proper assessment should be the first move that everybody must always remember. Assess which part of the house, what types of furniture’s will be the first place and things you will move. It is vital that you must determine those factors in order to make your moving organized.

2.Planning for easy moving – Plan the type of moving techniques you will need and implement.  Plan the dates when are you going to start packing, of course dates must be ahead of time. Give yourself time to prepare, pack and organize your things, never rush or else everything will be upside down. Make a list.

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By Bill Ohl under CC BY-ND 2.0


3.Implementation –  after the thorough assessment and planning, here comes the moment that most homeowners are avoiding… the implementation. And this includes packing and labelling. Here are some packing and labelling tips that you might find interesting:

  • Breakables – Always remember to separates fragile and breakable objects. As much as possible, wrap them nicely. Label them according to their category, so everybody will be aware. In case that you’re hiring a moving company, always make sure to clarify their breakage policy.
  • Wonderful Labels – it is common to use a marker when labelling each box. Make it more unique and easy to recognize, use a color coding method. In case that it will not be possible to find different color for boxes, consider using different color tapes or inks for the marker.
  • Essential pack- make sure to prepare a pack of important things that you’re going to use on your first night and first day in your new home. You don’t want to end up opening all your boxes because of a small thing only.


4.You should Evaluate to make moving easy – before unpacking all your belongings, make sure to evaluate your new place.  The dimensions of each room and the windows. It will be easy for you to arrange your furnitures after identifying these factors.

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5.Be Happy and Enjoy – as I have mentioned above, “Moving” might be a hard task but remember that in everything that you do it is important to be always happy. Learn to be patient and everything will turn light and smooth. Enjoy your new place!


Author: Daniel Argent who is working for Plumber in Los Angeles.