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Understanding the Importance of Getting Timely Oil Change Maintenance

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Did you know that a vital part of being a vehicle owner is ensuring you get an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles? That’s right! For people that travel a lot, this can seem irritating, but it is an essential part of vehicle safety.

If you’re a first-time vehicle owner, it is crucial that you understand oil change maintenance. This includes knowing when to change your oil and just how important it is that you get it changed on time.

Instead of watching that oil life percentage continue to drop, find out everything you need to know about proper oil change maintenance in this quick and easy guide!

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Get a Longer Life Out of Your Engine

When you get an oil change at the right time (3,000 to 5,000 miles for most vehicles), you are extending the life of your car’s engine.

Think of oil as the heartbeat of your engine – it lubricates all of the parts that need to be, cleans parts that need a routine cleaning, and prevents dirt from entering places it shouldn’t.

Now, when we say it’s the heartbeat of your engine, we mean it. As a human being, you can’t just make your other organs function.

That’s why we have a heart! It’s the same reason why cars need oil. Oil extends the life of your vehicle’s engine while doing all of the other things you can’t necessarily do without it.

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Cool Components Down

Oil change maintenance greatly reduces the risk of vehicle components overheating. Without enough clean oil, the components underneath the hood will rub against one another dryly, causing friction.

Friction produces heat. So, when these components are constantly rubbing against each other without much lubrication, they will overheat.

In some cases, this overheating can reach a point where you’ll start to see smoke or even flames coming from under the hood. This is seriously dangerous, which is what makes oil change maintenance even more important.

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Get Better Gas Mileage

We’ve all noticed it: gas prices have soared due to high demand and low supply. Perhaps you’ve been filling up more, noticing your car starting to run differently, or witnessing your mileage begin to drop.

Well, if that is your case, it’s not due to the price of gas.

It’s because you haven’t gotten a routine oil change! One of the biggest benefits of staying in tune with oil change maintenance is being able to watch your gas mileage increase.

And, if you get it done before the oil life percentage drops too low, your mileage will go up even more.

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Oil Change Maintenance 101

Now that you know the importance of oil change maintenance, what are you waiting for? Book that appointment or find an instant drive-thru service that will get the job done for you.

Between cooling components down under the hood, extending the life of your vehicle’s engine, and getting better gas mileage, what’s not to get excited about?

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