Victorian Interior Design Overview


Victorian Interior Design Overview

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Victorian interior design has its roots in the period between 1837 and 1901, during Britain’s Queen Victoria reign. This is how the name originated. The influences and ideas present in this style come from the era that was marked as change through item mass production in many goods that were available. Reproduction and imitation makes it really easy for a home to adapt elements from Victorian interior design.

Changing To Victorian Interior Design

We can say that we can easily be faced with a styles mix that includes Nouveau influences and Arts And Crafts influences, mostly coming from Paris. The design is dramatic, ornate, opulent and quite luxurious. At the same time, it is not at all stuffy. We have a finished look that can be described as being classic. It is not difficult to combine it with contemporary design. The focus is put on details so that you gain a right combination of grandeur and fuss.


There are some strict colors that are strong and that are used in Victorian interior design. We thus have plum, forest greens, emerald, ruby and burgundy. Navy is also pretty good but gold can be utilized in order to gain indulgence edge. You can easily find heritage ranges offered by paint companies. These would help a lot in gaining a style design that would look Victorian.

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Make sure that you avoid pale blue and purple tones. They were not present during the Vicorian era. Simple and classic are two words that perfectly describe the design style, although the common perception is quite different. What is important is to have balance.


The Victorian interior design is definitely focused on walls as a main center of attention. We saw wallpaper appearing in 1840 and then went into mass production, leading towards wall applications. They are installed from a base board towards dado rails or even higher, towards picture rails. That is definitely something that can easily be added in any home. Best possible collections would be available and you can easily focus on animal motifs, large florals or water silk paper.

If you have the knowledge, you can use flat, plain painted walls in order to create a room that is charismatic and beautiful. Neutral paint finish would make any room appear more spacious and elegance would be increased. Long drapes can be added to add some sophistication.


Victorian interior design walls have to be of a high quality. You can choose parquet flooring or mid toned boards. Then add large rugs or a pattern carpet. Leave borders around edges showing floor boards that are polished. Alternatively, go for color modifications in order to match an inner section. Just do not use patterns in this situation.

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You can make so many interesting options that are perfect for the Victorian interior design. For instance, add contemporary furniture in an overall Victorian style home. Rooms need to have many furniture pieces added and much fuss in order to represent the style concept. Crowded rooms are almost always better. The sofas and chairs are button backed, just as chaise longs and ottomans should be in the style.


There are many highly decorative lamps that are present in Victorian interior design. Lighting is really important. Try to use a Tiffany lamp that came from the era so that you would have a great color splash and an overall amazing look.