The Most Common Household Pests

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When we think of house pests, insects tend to be the first type that spring to mind. However, there are other common household pests to be aware of such as cockroaches, bed bugs, and termites. Here is a guide on the most common household pests.


One of the most common household pests is flies. No matter whether they are houseflies or fruit flies, these pests are notorious for carrying a wide range of diseases which can cause you significant harm including food poisoning bacteria. A fly infestation can cause all sorts of problems to your mental and physical health as well as the hygiene of your home.

Bed Bugs

Although we tend to think of bed bugs being strictly in our bed, they can also be in several other areas and in crevices and cracks. Bed bugs survive by feeding on human blood and the longer they are in your room, the more difficult they are to control as they can spread incredibly easily. As bed bug infestations can end up being hard to manage, you may experience psychological trauma and emotional stress. Always contact professionals like a bed bugs exterminator for help.


If you have noticed ants in your home, it is because they are on the lookout for food. Ant nests are usually located on lawns and in dry soil, so it is important that you know where to look so you can tackle the problem head on. If you can pinpoint where the ants are coming from, make sure that you seal up the entry point to eliminate the risk of an ant infestation.

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Another common household pest to be aware of is wasps. Unlike some pests, wasps can fly into your home through open windows and can end up causing you significant distress. Wasp nests can be in many areas of your home, so it is important that you stay alert and that you know what to look out for. If you notice a large wasp nest, it is best not to tackle the problem yourself as it may be home to over 25,000 wasps. Contacting pest control in Chico is the step to take to help eradicate wasps from your home.


Known as one of the most destructive pests in the United States, termites can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your property. As most house insurance policies do not cover termite infestations, it is vital that you are aware of what to look out for to avoid any problems. Termites are typically found in wood so make sure that you take the time to examine any holes or markings which will help you identify whether there are any termites in your home.

If you have noticed an infestation from any of the pests listed, it is best that you seek help from a professional rather than trying to sort the problem yourself. You may be doing more harm than good if you try and sort it out on your own so having someone with extensive knowledge and the right equipment will ensure your house is free from any pests.