Adrian Cruce

6 Decorating Ideas To Prepare Your Porch Or Patio For Summer

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If your house features a front porch or a back patio, you’ll want to make the best of it during summer. Since spring is almost over and there are only a few weeks till the weather will be perfect for drinking your morning coffee or your late evening wine outside your house, we created a list of decorating ideas for your porch or patio.

  1. Porch Swings

porch swings

The best way to transform your small porch into a great sitting place where you can relax, enjoy a good book and be close to nature and your childhood memories is to add a porch swing. Comfortable and practical, an antique porch swing will make your front porch look amazing and stylish.

  1. Rustic Porch

rustic porch

In the mood for some rustic décor? Try a wood table surrounded by rocking chairs. Place some pillows on the chairs, keep the decorations in brown or natural shades and enjoy your little slice of heaven.

  1. Beach House Style Patio

beach house style

If you love the sea and the view you get from those sea houses that you admire, why not try to transform your porch or patio into a summer paradise? All you need are some white wicker chairs, a white vintage coffee table, some flowers or an outside wall decorated with sand, scallops and other things that remind you of the sea.

  1. Traditional Patio

traditional patio

Who doesn’t want to spend time with friends and family outside during a warm summer night? If you are one of those people who love to stay up half of the night, surrounded by all your friends and family members, having a big table on your patio is a must! Add some comfortable wicker chairs, some pillows and hang a board with pictures of your loved ones on the wall. You can also hang some outdoor cabinets or place some simple outdoor cabinetry beside the table to keep everything handy.

  1. Luxurious Patio

patio luxurious

When you want to combine elegance and comfort you need to think of furniture and decorations that look good together but there are not your typical patio furniture or décor. Ever thought of having a chandelier on your patio? It is a good idea if you choose a modern, minimalistic one and not an old-school one. Switching from a traditional fireplace to a modern one is also something that can be done to add a luxurious vibe to the patio. Replace the wicker chairs with two brown wicker couches.  Put a navy blue rug underneath them, add some matching couch pillows on the couches. Keep two blanket on the couches for both style and functionality. Add some flowers on the table for the final touch.

  1. Colorful Ensemble Patio

patio colorful

How about a marble patio instead of a wood one? Don’t think of something extra-luxurious that will take all the fun out of your comfy space! You can have a marble floor and a marble table but instead of some boring, old-school chairs, you can use colorful metal chairs. Don’t stop at one color, each chair with its color! You can also get matching lanterns to hang in the trees. It is easy to add some life to that cold marble if you step out of your comfort zone!