Add Hollywood Glam to Your Interiors

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Soak in luxurious fabrics such as velvet and satin to achieve a cozy yet chic aesthetic. Add luxurious pieces like tufted chesterfield sofas or pieces covered in faux fur upholstery for an added dose of Hollywood glitz.

Glam style decor features luxurious materials and ultra-shiny surfaces, such as mirrors or marble accents to achieve its luxurious vibe.


Glamour requires striking lighting to complete its look, so select chandeliers and sconces featuring crystals or polished metals as focal points in any room you furnish with this style. Lamps, table lamps and decorative accessories also make great statement pieces to achieve the glam aesthetic.

As part of your glam-inspired space, select vibrant jewel tones such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple as part of the color palette. These vibrant hues can serve as accent walls, furniture upholstery fabric or drapery fabric; for a more subdued aesthetic try mixing in subtle pastels instead.

Luxurious fabrics such as velvet, satin and faux fur are popular choices for creating luxurious furniture upholstery, draperies and decorative accessories that exude sophistication and create an air of luxuriousness and refinement. These sumptuous materials add a sense of lavishness that creates an air of lavishness and sophistication in any room or home in which they are used.

Glamorous home decor also incorporates eye-catching patterns that bring drama into any room, such as leopard print and zebra stripes which pair nicely with the glamorous aesthetic. Geometric wall patterns such as diamonds and chevrons also work to achieve this opulent aesthetic.

If you’re unsure how to incorporate glamour into your home, begin with one or two key elements. For instance, installing mirrored cabinets and light fixtures featuring reflective surfaces could instantly give it that glamorous vibe; gold and silver-toned furniture pieces and accents would also look fantastic in a bedroom with this theme – don’t be intimidated to go bold with glam; excess can only enhance its presence!


Mirrors are essential elements in glamorous style. While their primary function may be reflecting light and visually expanding spaces, mirrors also add depth and dimension to interior spaces while simultaneously adding functionality. Frames can be embellished with different materials for a custom look; if you want an eye-catching full length mirror that not only serves its functional purposes but adds decorative value too, consider Fame & Fortune with LED lights adorning its frame!

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Glam style is defined by its use of metallic finishes in decor pieces such as chandeliers, wall sconces and bar carts with shimmery finishes – from gold-toned chandeliers and wall sconces to silvery bar carts and ornately framed mirrors – adding an air of sophistication and shine to any room. Their shimmer creates an eye-catching juxtaposition against rough texture walls such as brick or concrete walls for an eye-catching aesthetic.

Glam decor is also known for its use of lavish fabrics like velvet and silks. These rich materials can be found everywhere from chairs to throw pillows and drapes; adding these luxurious materials instantly creates a luxurious aesthetic in the space, often drawing inspiration from natural gem tones such as emerald green and sapphire blue hues.

Mirrored Furniture

Add mirror furniture pieces to reflect light and visually expand your space, like coffee tables with mirrored or glass tops for an elegant, glamorous aesthetic. Crystal chandeliers with gilt frames and other decorative mirrors also work well; you could also include accent pieces such as gold-framed picture frames, metallic wall decor or vases to complete this style of design.

Rich colors such as deep jewel tones are frequently employed in glam designs to achieve an extravagant, lavish aesthetic. Bold fabrics such as velvet and silk make for excellent choice in creating this aesthetic for sofas, beds and accent chairs in this style; faux fur benches/ottomans/stools add texture as well as pops of color in living rooms decorated glam style.

Geometric patterns add a splash of glamour to any interior design scheme. Diamonds and chevrons are popular choices for wallpaper patterns or accent walls. You can even experiment with pillows featuring patterns or unique shapes.

Glam design embraces its extravagant nature, which makes it such an enjoyable and accessible style to incorporate into your home. Don’t be intimidated by using luxurious gold, silver and mirrored furniture and accessories throughout your space – just ensure there are enough neutral elements present so it doesn’t become overwhelming!

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Luxurious Fabrics

Velvet, satin silk and faux fur fabrics are essential elements in the Hollywood Glam design style. Their rich textures provide texture and depth while giving off an air of indulgence that is synonymous with this type of decor.

Glam style also requires dramatic lighting and eye-catching decor pieces, like chandeliers or wall sconces that create an eye-catching statement, pieces with reflective surfaces like mirrors to reflect light, or metallic finishes on sinks, faucets and hardware to complete its look.

While glam design style tends to be modern and sophisticated, it can also be more eclectic. For example, bedrooms may incorporate velvet seating with soft tufted headboards while living rooms might boast boldly patterned sofas or mirror coffee tables to give each space its own identity while remaining true to its elegant roots. This allows homeowners to create spaces uniquely theirs without compromising elegance of glam design style.

Glam design style brings elements from both modern and traditional styles together to create a luxurious and inviting space. By including elements like mirrored furniture, dramatic lighting fixtures and sumptuous fabrics into this design style, glam will leave an indelible mark in any home! Don’t hesitate to treat yourself; the glamorous house decor will certainly pay for itself in the end! Plus, this versatile design style allows you to seamlessly incorporate these elements into your existing space to turn it into an inviting retreat.

Dramatic Geometric Shapes

Glam style’s bold geometric shapes and intricate patterns are designed to draw your eye. Used as focal points in the room or to enhance more subdued decor elements, such as animal prints or Art Deco designs, they add drama and elegance to any room they decorate.

Velvet, satin and silk fabrics add luxurious textures to glam furniture and decor, from furniture upholstery to draperies and decorative accessories. Additionally, velvet can even be mixed with faux fur to achieve a more relaxed yet cozy glam look.

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Glam decor often incorporates metallic accents such as gold, silver and brass into its decor to add shimmer and shine to any space. They can also help to create more dramatic looks when used alongside mirror surfaces for dramatic effects.

Glam furniture often features furniture with curvaceous shapes. From tufted sofas to elegant chaise lounges, furniture featuring curvaceous lines and ornate moldings are hallmarks of glamour decor. Look for pieces with intricate carvings or ornate details for added grandeur and elegance.

Glam decor often includes decorative accessories like picture frames, candles and decorative vases to add a bit of shine and glamour. Textured fabrics and rich hues can also help achieve this glamorous aesthetic.


Metallics are an integral component of glam design, adding an eye-catching element that stands out against your decor. Metallic tones can be used in many different ways from adding gold or silver wall accents, bronze furniture finishes and brass fixtures; to incorporating faux paint finish options. At Bodaq we provide interior film featuring metallic patterns and textures – an easy and affordable way to introduce glamorous styling into your space!

When selecting metallic hues, make sure they remain subtle. An all-gold wall may overdo its glamor factor; therefore, opt for accentuating metallic features in just one or two areas of your room, such as wallpaper with metallic hues, pieces with gold frames like mirrors and artwork, or even chandeliers!

One time mixing metals was considered uncool; now the rules have shifted! You can easily incorporate metallic elements into modern, boho, Scandinavian, or eclectic decor styles – such as modernista, bohemian, eclectic or eclectic decor styles – but make sure that you balance their use with other design trends like colorful or neutral colors or rich jewel tones like deep reds and blues for maximum impact. Metallics also look beautiful when paired with faux fur throws or velvet furniture for a luxurious aesthetic.