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Japanese Interior Design Ideas For Your Bedroom

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Our bedroom is our temple in many ways. It is the one room of the home where we want to feel great and we naturally crave for something that is unique, different, filled with personality. While most people stick with a conventional style, you can get out of those boundaries and consider some Japanese interior design ideas for your bedroom. You do not necessarily need to go for a full Japanese bedroom. You can incorporate some simple interior designs that will make everything different.

japanese bedroom design

There are various sites out there that offer inspiration. That is obvious. We can also tell you so many things about what you can incorporate. However, it is a really good idea to stay focused on doing everything properly. If you want to incorporate only some of the Japanese interior design ideas and not create a full Japanese bedroom, you should talk to an experienced interior designer.

In order to help you start on your journey towards making smart Japanese interior design choices, here are some ideas to consider.

Flooring – Tatami


Think about your flooring and consider the traditional Japanese tatami, which is a tightly woven straw mat. You will like it as it is really comfortable. Japanese interior design always requires a good mat layout that dictates dimensions. The modern décor can use traditional tatami as an insert that is surrounded by different other flooring. Alternatively, tatami can be added on hard flooring.

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futon bed

The Japanese style bedroom has the futon or a platform bed as a central feature. The bed does not include a footboard and in some situations it does not have a headboard. There is an extended platform on which a mattress sits, right in the middle. No box springs are included and the bed will be quite law from the ground, usually way away from the walls. Silk pillows can be added to silk bedding to have a stunning effect.

Shoji-Style Lamps


A shoji-style lamp offers a translucent panel that is perfect for creating a diffused, warm lighting. Use a dimmer switch on both sides of the bed and make sure that the lighting is bright enough in order to read or romantic, soft. You can replace French doors with Shoji doors towards the bathroom and can always add skylights, if possible.


japanese style dining table

In Japanese style bedrooms we need to have all tables kept low. Make sure that they are in proportion to bed height. If you have a sitting area in the bedroom, maintain a Japanese theme. Use zabuton and low tables.



The tokonoma is a small, raised alcove where you can display various decorative features, like a wall scroll. The sliding door wall closet can easily be opened up and then trimmed in order to have a deep tokonoma. The tokonoma can be added between studs in the event that you want to display a narrow, tall object. Decorations are traditionally changed every month so tokonoma decorations can include a Buddha statue, a bonsai tree or even small geisha dolls.