Best Tips for Restoring an Old Home

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Old houses get increasingly rarer with every year that passes.  People want the antique design, the sleek floors, and the fun, artistic details that modern architecture seems to always have on display.  Unfortunately, many older homes have been through many owners in the last hundred or more years, and everyone trying to put their personal touch on the house can ruin it.

Here are the top ways to undo that problem and create a space that allows the home’s historic beauty to shine through.

Wash Everything Gently

Before you start your update, the chances are that everything needs to be cleaned or at least lightly washed to get rid of the dust and grime from the years.  Avoid using harsh chemicals, and instead, lightly clean everything until some of the age washes off.  You don’t want to destroy porcelain, or scuff, or ruin any surfaces that could be saved.  As you do this, you may start to notice more significant issues that need correcting; follow through with those at your own pace.

This house is old; it’s in no rush to have everything done at once.

If You Can’t Color Match, Repaint.

Many people drive themselves up a wall trying to match paint colors.  Although it may seem like a good idea to keep the walls in their original hue, nobody will notice if the tone or shade is wrong.

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You can use this tip for the entire home.  Pay attention to what you’re doing, and try to get close, but if you can’t get it perfect, that has to be okay, too.  Those looking at Little Rock houses for sale aren’t going to turn up their noses because a shade of pink is slightly brighter than initially.

You Can Update Windows

Many people will tell you not to replace the wooden windows.  Although these windows can be sturdy, especially if they’re made out of heartwood, they’re still going to leak.  Older windows aren’t as well sealed as new ones, and you could be spending thousands more every year on electricity than you shouldn’t be.

You can update the windows and ask for a wooden finish that will match the house, but don’t be too heartbroken if you realize you can’t keep your windows.

Try To Find Images of the Home

Because of how old your home is, there’s a chance that there are images out there of how this property looked when it was older.  Sure, it might not be a painted piece like many estates have, but you should be able to find a few photos of how it was decorated and the people who lived in it.  If you want, you can push yourself to be more creative with decor and try new things.

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Be Flexible

Sometimes something may go wrong.  The wood on the stairs may need to be restrained, and there’s no perfect color; you might realize how difficult it is to update an old heating and cooling system.  Regardless of what this house throws at you, it’s vital that you’re flexible and that you can roll with the punches.  This is your home; you can do whatever you want with it.