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How To Choose Skylights – A Simple Approach

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Skylights are highly attractive for so many people. They will bright up a really dark room. Even the smaller unit will be great and will have an impact on how the room feels and looks. We have so many different styles and brands that we can choose from. However, it is always a good idea to avoid those inexpensive units that are made out of plastic glazing. You will believe that you save a lot of money initially but most will leak and they rarely last a long time.

How To Choose Skylights – A Simple Approach

Quality Skylights Count

It is always a really good idea to choose a high quality skylight that is curbed and that includes glazing that is energy-efficient. You also need the flashing factory kit that is made especially for it. That kit will not be expensive but it will guarantee that your installation will be leak-free.


The skylights will come as venting units or fixed units. The fixed ones do not open. A venting unit is usually a good idea but it can be really inconvenient to open or close in the event that you have troubles reaching it. Many of the customers that order skylights that can be opened will not actually use them. In the event that the skylight will be easy to access, it is a good option. If not, opt for the fixed option as you can save some money. Remember this even when you add the skylight to your bathroom.

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Make sure that ventilation is always proper or you would be faced with condensation problems. This is especially true in the event you want to install the skylight in the bathroom. There are various tutorials that will aid you to choose proper ventilation for a room of any size.

Light Needs And Rankings

Nowadays, skylights are complicated. They are rated for thermal efficiency, just like the windows. Make sure that you compare U-values together with light and heat transmission rates. You can opt for tinted glass but it is a much better idea to go for clear glass as more natural light can come in. When too much heat will come in or carpeting/furniture starts to fade, add a screen or a shade.


Skylights will be available in various different sizes but 16 and 24 inch framings are standard. When you add a larger skylight, the installation will cost more since rafters will need to be cut out in a larger area. It is not tough if you have a conventional roof frame. Truss roofs are more difficult to cut. Sometimes you need to add smaller skylights to deal with such a roofing space problem. Have patience and always choose appropriately, based on information.