Get rid of the mess: clean up and organize your wardrobe

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Organizing and arranging the closet can turn morning dressing into a second. Invest a little time and you will see great results. Do you have a problem with finding clothes in my closet? You cannot find a piece of clothing that you put in your closet? By organizing and arranging your closet it will help you find you clothes, accessories and shoes when you need them faster. Closet organization will force you to finally get rid of excess clothing that you have not worn in years. Here are some tips on how to organize, edit your closet – so you can dress in a second when you have to rush somewhere.

A rule of one year, dividing the cabinet into three parts and plastic boxes help to take advantage of every inch of the closet but at the same time ensure that everything in the locker room or wardrobe is neat and organized.

If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing for over a year, it’s time to throw it away or, if it’s still in a good condition, give it away.

It is also not good to keep clothes that do not fit your current size. It is recommended to do such a wardrobe “inspection” at least once a year. And only when you get rid of the clothes that you do not wear, start with the organization of the remaining pieces. A closet is best divided into 3 parts. The first part reserved for your favorite clothes that you usually wear and classic pieces that can always be easily combined.

Reserve the second part of the closet for the clothes you rarely wear and that are difficult to combine. For example, it may be clothes with prints, ruffles or different decorations. But, in order for you not to get bored with your clothes quickly, move clothing pieces that you wear almost constantly in the third part of the closet. It is best to save them in a cloth bag. By doing this you will be “forced” to wear clothes that have been almost forgotten. After a month bring the clothes back into use again. But it is necessary to take care of the hangers too.

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Your closet will look neater if all the hangers are the same color and shape, wooden hangers are a much better choice than plastic or wire hangers. By hanging clothes on wooden hangers it will ensure that the clothing will stretch less, especially woolen clothing.


Arrange your bags in a decorative basket

Place all of your bags, whether they are small or large, into one basket. This way it will be very easy to find the one you want to wear, and their straps will not addle with other clothes and items that you keep in the wardrobe.

Place fashion accessories, lingerie, jewelry and socks in special boxes and put transparent boxes into drawers in which you can separate underwear, socks, ties, jewelry and other fashion accessories. It will be best to organize jewelry by type so that they do not become entangled or lost. But before reshuffling cabinets and drawers, you must clean them as well.


By Magnus D under CC BY 2.0


Arrange the belts on hangers with hooks

If carelessly thrown over bars in the closet, belts can easily entangle or fall to the bottom of wardrobe and can be easily misplaced. Therefore, it is a much better solution to hang them on a special hanger with hooks, especially if they are stiffer, made from more sensitive material. You can roll and stack softer belts into boxes.

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Add one rod for short clothes

If you have a slightly larger wardrobe space, install another rod where you can hang shorter clothes that do not take up too much space. Also, it is good to fasten or glue a small hook outside the closet so you can hang clothes that you have saved for a special occasion.


Place shoes in transparent storage boxes

Shoes will be neatly arranged if they are on a special stand or dresser because they occupy little space. But you can arrange them in storage boxes at the bottom of the closet, and on each of the boxes paste a photo of the shoes that are in the box. Another practical solution is transparent storage boxes.


The clothes you never wear because you have too many clothes

If you have a wardrobe packed with clothes, and some combinations you never wear but you do not want to throw it out or donate it, it may be best to think about renting a storage like the one that offers KSS in Sydney to house your clothes in order to have more space in your wardrobe. The only thing you definitely do not need to do is to go shopping for more clothes. Do not add anything else. Another option is, if it fits into your budget, install a professional wardrobe. This cabinet has a system for organizing and separating the clothes so that you can see everything at a glance.


Storing seasonal equipment at the wardrobe

For some the winter season never stops, and the equipment is always ready because as they never know where and when it might snow. However, we respect the fact that there are people who like other seasons. For these people we bring useful tips for storage the equipment correctly so that it would be in a good condition for the following season. The first and basic requirement is that the boot liners are well dried before storage.

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Skis are a little different story. The recommendation is definitely that, before placing in storage, that the skis are serviced and that a new coat of wax is applied. But knowing the real situation, we are aware that a very small number of skiers really do that. Do not wrap skis in nylon, because nylon will cause condensation on the actual skis and it will create more moisture than you would like.

Sweaters, coats and other winter clothing should be thoroughly cleaned to protect against moths, musty odors and other unpleasant surprises. For a start, select a cooler place that is dry and dark. Moths and other insects love moist, warm and bright places. Usually cellars and garages are the coldest, but these spaces are often moist and should be avoided. Many will store their clothes in a wardrobe or a larger box on the balcony, which is a good solution during the summer months. But in the fall, when rain comes the moisture will fill these areas. If you have the capability it is best put your winter clothes in the wardrobe or store them in clean boxes or in vacuum bags and put them under the bed or in the pantry. A better solution would be to store winter clothing in a rented storage place.