Common Household Pests Top Tips on Prevention and Control

Adrian Cruce

Common Household Pests: Top Tips on Prevention and Control

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Being prepared means you’ll be better able to deal with any issue, this is especially true when talking about pests. That’s why the first thing you should do in a battle with pests is to speak to your local pest control service. They’ll be the best ones to inform you what pests you are likely to be dealing with and which preventative measures you should be taking.

The simple fact is the pests you’ll have to deal with will depend on where you live. But, there are some common household pests that appear in most places, these you should always prepare for:


There are potentially more mice and rats in the world than humans. They may be relatively small but they can do a significant amount of damage. Rodents are known to chew through almost anything, including electrical wires. This can cause a fire in your property.

In addition, rodents’ urine and feces can carry an array of diseases. You may also be surprised at how small a hole they can fit through.

To protect your home and prevent them from being an issue you need to inspect the outside walls and seal up any gaps and cracks you find. Pay particular attention to the areas around doors and windows.

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You also need to ensure food is stored in sealed containers, countertops are wiped clean, and the floors are vacuumed regularly.

If there is no food for the rodents your home will be less appealing.


Flies are generally attracted to waste, either decomposing food or the feces of pets. Unfortunately, flies can carry many different diseases. These can be carried on their feet and deposited on your food surfaces or left behind in their waste. As flies consume a liquid diet they are almost constantly leaving waste behind them.

Taking the same precautions with food that you’re doing for rodents should help to keep flies away.


Ants are relatively harmless but a nuisance, they’ll be attracted to the food in your house. Again, keeping it clean should eliminate the issue.

But, if you have carpenter ants, which look very similar to termites, they will actually chew the wood in your home in order to make homes for themselves.

Keeping your home clean should reduce the temptation to carpenter ants but if you see any you need to call the exterminators and have the problem dealt with professionally.


These can literally eat your house from under you. They won’t be attracted to food in your house as the wood is their food. You need to ensure there is a concrete edge to your home, this will make it hard for the termites to get to your foundations.

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It’s also a good idea to eliminate any damp, check your home for any signs of damp, leaks, or standing water.

Getting rid of these will make your home less attractive to termites. In fact, removing sources of water will make your home less attractive to most pests.