Dish Racks – A Must Have in Today’s Kitchen Decor

dish rack, dishes

A dish rack is a rack specifically designed to hold dishes while cooking. It is designed to reduce the dishes’ chances of being dropped or pushed away from the heat. It is important to install the right one for your kitchen, as there are many types available. Most importantly, you will need to take into consideration the space in your kitchen. Here are a few ideas on the different types:

  • – Kitchen Island Drying Racks – The most common type of dish rack found in kitchens is the island type which is typically made out of stainless steel. This kind has no lip on its surface and is rectangular in shape. There are two or three hooks at one end which allows hanging of pots, pans, flatware and other items. It features a locking mechanism for safety.
  • – Kitchen Fittings Drying Rack – This style of dish rack has metal loops instead of any lip. Some have several hook sets to hang many dishes. It is very popular in kitchens with lots of dishes. It can also come with a matching dish rack organizer.
  • – Recessed Dish Racks – These kinds of dish racks are usually deeper than any other kind. They are deep enough to prevent hot food from falling into the drain. However, it does not have any lip or surface area so dishes may be accidentally pushed away. There are many brands of this kind of rack that feature different designs, colors and are made from different materials. Some have stainless steel hinges while others are made from heavy duty cast aluminum.
  • – Wall-mounted Dish Racks – Most modern kitchens today feature wall-mounted dish racks. This rack is mounted on the wall after placing all the dishes on the ground or countertop. Since there is no lip for dishes, they can be safely hung on these kinds of racks.
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Now you know what types of dish racks are available. The top pick for most families is the one with the double wall hooks. The hooks are made from strong stainless steel and it keeps all your plates and utensils securely in place. The only drawback to this rack is that it is not as stylish as other kinds. Many people prefer a metal plate rack with a lip that will catch dropped plates so your kitchen will look nicer.

One of the best dish racks available is the two-tier dish racks. These are perfect for families with three or more people who love to cook and eat at the same time because these two-tier racks will keep the dishes separate from one another and they will be able to easily get out of the way when needed. You can put the bottom rack on the floor and you can use the top rack to dry the vegetables and meats that you want to cook for the day.

If you do not have enough counter space for two-tier dish racks, you should consider buying a dish rack that has a drain basket underneath. A drainboard makes cleaning up the drippings much easier. A drainboard is made from either glass or wire and has drainage holes to collect the drippings. You can purchase a cheap version without a drainboard or a more expensive one with a full set of drainage holes. Either way, a dish rack with a drainboard underneath is a great addition to your kitchen decor.