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Highly Effective And Simple Watering Tips For Lawns

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Sprinkler of automatic watering in garden

The most important thing for the maintenance of your lawn is making sure that you offer the water that is necessary. Irrigation is vital and you want to be sure that you do it properly. In order to help you save a lot of money and time, here are some pretty simple lawn watering tips you will want to remember at all times.

Don’t Forget To Water Lawns During Autumn

The lawn does need water during autumn, even if you think that this is not the case as you see leaves changing. Growing seasons are ending and grass is not growing that fast but fall watering is important because of the fact that this aids the lawn to recover from the summer stress. Strength is gained for winter months and fertilization automatically means that watering will be needed. Never stop using the sprinklers or the hoses simply because fall comes.

Use Impact Sprinklers On Tripods

The impact sprinkler becomes much more effective when using one that is attached to the tripod. You can easily use the mix if the area is large due to the addition of the extra height of the tripod. You also have other benefits that you most likely did not know. For instance, spray patterns can be adjusted and stooping is much less present. Sprays can be directed over flower gardens and bushes, allowing you to even deal with uneven ground areas.

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Be Careful When You Water Grass Seeds

If there is a spot that is bare and it needs patches or you want to simply grow a new lawn, you will need seeding. Success in this case is drastically connected to watering. In order to have the seeds grow and germinate they have to be kept damp in a constant way until roots are established. Dry periods will lead towards you having to start over.

You can consider covering the seeds with mulch or with fabric in order to increase the possibility of them germinating. However, even this protection is practically nothing if watering does not happen. If the days are windy or hot, you will have to water even 2 times per day.

Choose An Appropriate Sprinkler Based On Location

It is quite common to simply choose the same type of sprinkler for practically all locations. This is not at all a good idea. In most situations the impact sprinkler is a great choice as it is adjustable while not wasting a lot of water. However, there are situations in which sprinklers of a different type would be needed in areas that are tough to water or very small. As an example, you need to use rotary sprinklers when faced with the need to have round watering patterns.

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Determine Watering Time Based On Soil Moisture

In order to see for how long you need to water, place pie pans right in the area and see how long it does for it to fill up to half an inch. A better option would be to check the condition of the soil. If the soil is heavy, it will not absorb so much moisture as the sandy soil. This means that you have to water for a longer period of time.

At the same time, if there was a long dry period that appeared, you will want to water more because the soil is now quite dry. Check the penetration level of the water and you will surely realize how long you need to water the lawn.

Use Irrigation Systems

The last watering tip we recommend is to actually use irrigation systems. They are quite cheap and convenient. Multi-zone and single-zone irrigation systems are available for you. Try to consider those that are programmable and watering your lawn will become a whole lot simpler.