How New Fencing Can Increase the Value of Your Home

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Increasing the value of a home is important for many homeowners. Many home improvements increase the chance of selling your house and can also improve the price point as well. One of the simplest improvements is adding or upgrading the fencing around your house. Why exactly will this enhance the value of your property? There are a few reasons why it’s a great choice. Keep in mind that many interested buyers expressed the opinion already. According to a study done on first home buyers Canberra, when homes had great fencing, buyers were likely to pay more.

Appeal to Pet Owners

If you have a fence around your property, pet owners are going to be automatically more interested. A large portion of home buyers have a dog or may be interested in adopting a dog in the future. Although they can add a fence, most people don’t want to go through the hassle and prefer to choose a house that already has one installed. For this type of buyer, the type of boundary fence isn’t always important, but they will want one that’s a reasonable height.

Children Safety

Another reason why home buyers like a fences is that they’re a good way to child-proof a home. Buyers who may have children or grandchildren want them to be safe while outside. This is especially important if you live in an area that has heavy traffic. Even if you’ve never considered installing a fence, a company like Northland Fence can recommend and install a fence easily with minimal fuss. Taking this step provides potential home buyers with greater peace of mind.

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Improved Privacy

It’s a well-used saying that good fences make good neighbors. Although you may not feel the same way, fencing can be a simple way to add privacy to your home. Even if you have good neighbors, keeping a fence between your property is a good way to mark the boundary between your homes. Also, if you live facing a street, the noise from passing cars and trucks can be loud. Well-made fences often block much of the outside noise, which is especially important if you live in a noisy area. Finally, if you want to install a pool, your city or county may require that you have a fence. Most homeowners place privacy as a top priority, which is why it adds to the home value.

Improved Aesthetics

Although fences range from functional to decorative, a fence can help to define your yard and add to its overall appearance. A good fence can even make the yard feel larger and provide a vision for how to use the space. Homeowners will often plan a fence and garden together to get the most from the space. Many fences are attractive as well as functional, so you may want to install a fence that will serve both purposes on your property.


Although a fence will add value to your home, the value will depend on a variety of variables. However, it’s a huge benefit for attracting buyers with children and pets and most people also appreciate the value of privacy when shopping for a house. If you’re interested in home improvements that add value, consider fencing.

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