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How to Choose a Masonry Service: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

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In 2022, the American masonry industry will be worth $30.7 billion. Masons are contractors who work with stone. So if you need stone retaining walls built in your yard or decorative stonework done in your kitchen, you need a mason.

However, not all masons are created equally. Since stonework is complex and expensive, you need to find the right contractor. Continue reading to learn how to choose a masonry service in your area.

Find Local Options for Masonry Service

There are two ways to find masonry contractors who work in your area. First, you can ask for recommendations if you know anyone who has used these services. Second, you can search online for “masonry services near me.”

Read Online Reviews

Reading online reviews is an excellent way to determine how reputable a masonry company is. You can use sites like HomeAdvisor to determine which local contractors are worth hiring. Ideally, you should aim to find companies with only the highest reputations and ratings, like Masonry Imperiallm.

Verify the Project’s Scope

Not all masons will be qualified to work on all projects. Reach out to reputable local contractors and verify the scope of your project. Ask if they have previous experience on projects similar to yours.

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If they have experience in similar projects, ask them how many they’ve done. When you ask to see their portfolio (below), make sure they include pictures of projects like yours.

Check Licensing and Insurance

Contractor licensing requirements vary by region, so research the minimums in your area. Then, ask for proof that the mason you hope to hire meets these.

In terms of insurance, you’ll want to look for liability insurance and workman’s comp, at a minimum. Liability insurance will cover any accidental damages to your property during the project. Workman’s comp insurance will cover any accidents or injuries obtained by the contractors working on your property, so you can’t be held liable.

Ask To See Their Portfolio

Never work with a contractor who can’t supply a portfolio of recent projects. It should be considered a red flag if a contractor refuses or gets upset when you ask to see their portfolio. Someone who takes pride in their work will be happy to provide this and may even have it viewable on their website.

Gather Quotes

While you should never go with a company simply because they offer the lowest price, you should find one that allows you to stay within your budget. A reasonable budget should be predetermined before you begin gathering quotes. Then, you can choose the most reasonably priced option from your pool of qualified candidates.

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Choose a Masonry Service With Confidence

Using the information above, you can choose a masonry service with confidence. If you’d like to learn more about masonry or hiring one of these contractors, check out our other blogs. You’ll find more valuable articles on this and related topics to help you increase hiring confidence.