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What Is the Average Heating Oil Usage per Month?

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America runs on oil. In 2020, we used more than 18 million barrels of petroleum per day.

Oil is necessary to run cars, heat homes, and provide electricity. But it devastates the environment. If Americans don’t want to run out of sustainable land, they need to manage their average heating oil usage per month.

What are the usage rates for residences and commercial buildings? What region of the country uses the most oil? What are some steps consumers can take to limit their consumption?

Answer these questions and you can start using oil responsibly. Here is your quick guide.

Residential Spaces

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that 5.5 million American households used heating oil in the winter of 2019-2020. 81% of those homes were in the Northeast.

These homes used 2.9 billion gallons of heating oil in 2019, accounting for 86% of residential usage. This means that a home in the Northeast used roughly 54.25 gallons of heating oil per month in 2019. Homes in other regions used roughly 32.4 gallons of oil per month that same year.

Commercial Spaces

According to the EIA, the commercial sector used 2.3 billion gallons of oil in 2019. Like with residential spaces, most of these buildings were located in the Northeast.

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The EIA does not specify how many buildings used oil. Commercial buildings use roughly 192 million gallons of fuel every month.

Managing Your Fuel Oil Consumption

The Northeast has a cooler climate than other parts of the country. The winter season lasts longer and temperatures are far colder, including high wind chill rates. This drives up the use of heating oil.

If you are concerned about your use of heating oil, consider living in another part of the country. The warmer your climate is, the less oil you will need.

Wherever you live, you can reduce your oil consumption. Consider switching away from oil entirely. You can adopt an HVAC system that runs on geothermal or solar resources.

If you must rely on oil, do not get a large fuel tank. Use several smaller tanks. This allows you to track how many gallons you use.

Many oil providers offer automatic services. They track your oil consumption, and when your home furnace runs low, they go to your house and stock it.

This makes it harder for you to control your own consumption. Opt for on-demand delivery instead. Visit websites like and research your different delivery options.

The more heat you trap in your house, the less heating fuel you have to use. Redirect rising heat using radiant surfaces on your ceiling. Place thick and tight weather strips around your doors and windows.

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Know the Average Heating Oil Usage per Month

The average heating oil usage per month in Northeastern homes is 54.25 gallons. In other regions of the country, homes use 32.4 gallons per month. The commercial sector uses 192 million gallons per month.

Everyone needs to bring these numbers down. If possible, stay out of cold regions. Use sustainable fuels like solar power.

Track your fuel consumption rates closely. Use small tanks and choose on-demand delivery. Install insulation so the heat that your fuel produces does not leak out.

Stay mindful about what you can do. Read our blog for more home and industry guides.