How To Use Darker Colors In Home Remodeling

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Black and dark colors in general are not seen as tremendous choices for home remodeling but that is definitely a shame. It is really important that we take all options available into account. Even if black is no longer that popular and people normally associate it with a boring design, the truth is that it can add a lot of value to a home. It would look great if properly implemented so you have to seriously consider using darker colors when doing home remodeling work. This includes but is not limited to black, charcoal or navy.

black accent interior design

White is normally preferred for walls and kitchens but you have to take a look at all the rooms of the home and see how something as dark as black can make your home look stunning. Darker colors basically manage to add drama to most spaces.

What you have to realize is the fact that when you decorate with black, the process is really similar to using white to decorate. Neutral shades offer visual varieties. It is not at all difficult to use so many different textures or hues, with metals or wood making everything mysteriously attractive.

We can tell you so many different things about the dark colors used in remodeling. Let us offer some advice that you would love at the end of the day.

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Using Black Painted Trim

As we talk about crown molding and baseboards, most homeowners out there love white, different neutrals and colorful devices. However, black is different and it is still so classic. There are articles that talk about this on the internet and it is not at all difficult to locate them. Read as much as you can about this topic.

Black Bookcase Backings And Cabinet Interiors

Why not take advantage of an area that is simply built to create contrast? We are faced with something that seems counterintuitive for most people. Painting interiors of cabinets or bookshelves in dark colors, with black being the strongest, can help in removing visual clutter caused by what is present on shelves. You can even hide larger elements like a TV set and not make it obvious when you use proper contrast.

Paint Your Fireplaces Black

This is great for fireplaces that are dated. In such a situation, all that you would really need to do is add a new paint coat. That can be done based on the design of the home but if you have a really modern approach, using black is something that can add more to the mix than what you ever imagined.

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Walls With Black Accents

Accent walls are highly effective in adding characters to practically all areas and can be of all colors, with black being really great for those that are looking for extra class. As a simple example, let us think of a kitchen that is designed based on neutral colors and a white dominant region. Black walls thus offer depth to spaces.

Paint Your Ceiling Black

That is not something that is regularly considered but a black painted ceiling can so easily make a clear statement of style and sophistication. Do seriously think about colored ceilings since they are simply stunning. Black is definitely one option you want to take into account.