How To Paint Kitchen Countertops That Are Laminated

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There are many situations in which kitchen countertops stand out as being in a really good shape but there is just a need to have an update done. In this case, resurfacing or painting stand out as great solutions as opposed to just replacing the items. You can get the high-end look you are looking for, including natural stone.

There are various kitchens out there that use laminate countertops but owners sometimes want more luxury. Do not pay thousands of dollars for granite tops and go for a countertop paint that looks like granite. You would actually end up paying under $100 for the paint and the entire project does not take more than a few hours. Any DIY enthusiast can take care of this project with extreme easiness.

Paint Kitchen Countertops

Remember the fact that colors and striations can end up different every single time the products are used. Because of this, you need to be sure that the whole kitchen is done at once. Only that can lead towards a pattern that is consistent.

Step 1 – Preparing, Cleaning And Painting

The surface has to be completely greased off with the use of a scouring pad. Rinse properly with water. In the event that the laminate countertop or the wood are damaged, you will be able to fill in cracks and holes. Then sand everything with 600 grit sandpaper. Coating has to be done with the use of black primer.

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Step 2 – Blotting And Dabbing

Let the primer dry for 8 hours. Then you can apply mineral colors with the use of a sponge. You can practice on construction paper in order to realize how patterns can be done. If you want to have layers, you will want to let every single layer dry for a minimum of 4 hours.

Step 3 – Topcoating

After you do some light sanding, topcoating is done as a final step. This requires around 4 hours to dry. Before you put something heavy on this surface, like a microwave or a toaster, you will have to consider waiting for some time. The countertop has to be use gently and has to be kept dry for 2 weeks so that it would look great.