The Psychology Behind The Best Color Schemes For Kitchens And Dining Rooms

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Room colors generally end up being chosen based on personality but we should all know that room color is going to affect us in various different ways, all based on ethnic background, climate, gender and age. There are colors that do bring in some general similar reactions. These are the ones that you will want to have in your dining rooms and kitchens but you do want to be sure that you only choose those colors that work for you. Just because the color is great for most people does not mean it will be wonderful for you.

Keep in mind that color trends will come and then disappear. You want to live in your home for a long time and often changing color schemes is definitely not a great idea. This is why you do want to be sure that you choose wisely.

There are so many different things that can be said about the psychology behind the best color schemes for kitchens and dining rooms. Instead of focusing directly on that, let us focus on the main colors that are usually appropriate for dining rooms and kitchens.


Yellow facilitates communication. It is great for dining rooms and kitchens but can also be an interesting, unique fit for a bathroom. The problem is that yellow is not that appropriate for the main color scheme of a room. That is because people are much more likely to end up losing their temper if the room is mainly yellow while babies will cry more. Yellow can purify your body and stimulate nerves, according to chromotherapy, but just do not overdo it.

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For the human eye green is the most restful of all the colors. You can use it in almost all rooms. In a kitchen it will cool elements and can be a great choice. In the dining room you may want to look for something else though, unless you are looking for promoting togetherness and comfort. When used as the main color, green has a strong calming effect.

Neutral Colors

These always have to be discussed for all rooms of a home. Gray, black, brown and white are flexible. They can be combined with color in order to liven the décor or color can be diminished to get a calm feeling. When you use black you should do so as accent. Experts are going to confirm the fact that all rooms can benefit from some addition of black.


Last but not least, we do need to talk about ceilings. This is basically one sixth of a room’s space and you do not necessarily need to paint it white, although this is the general safe option. The best thing to remember is that white normally needs to be lighter than walls in order for the entire room to feel higher.


As you can see, there are some safe options that you can always consider for your dining room or your kitchen. White is not mentioned not because many say it is not a color. White is simply not a considered since it is a safe option that does work great in both cases. Think about the effect you are going for and then see what options can be taken into account. Color wheels are definitely going to help.