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Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Ways To Add Color Accent to Your Living Room

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A boring living room can be easily transformed into an amazing room with a lot of personality by adding colorful décor objects or making some minor modifications to the design and décor to be able to incorporate color accents. Don’t think about expensive modifications, there are many quick, easy and inexpensive ways to add color accent to your living room.

Add Pillows To The Sofa

pillows-for-color-accentPillows are probably the easiest and most inexpensive way to change a room’s appearance. If your living room has furniture in neutral shades like black, beige or brown, you can add bold color accents with some stylish pillows. A white living room décor can get a marine vibe, if you add navy striped pillows or simple navy blue pillows. These are just two examples, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to changing the décor and adding color accents with pillows. Also, the sofa will definitely be more comfortable and it will become your favorite spot in the house for relaxation.

Personalize Your Bookshelves

personalize-your-bookshelves-with-color-accentsIf you have simple vertical bookshelves, add wallpaper on the wall behind them to make them less boring. You can choose floral patterns in pastel shades if you like a vintage inspired décor or you can go for geometric prints in bold colors if you are more into a modern living room design.

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Change Your Curtains

colorful-curtainsAdding color accent to a living room is a pretty simple task if you think about all the little changes you can make, such as picking colorful curtains instead of neutral colored ones. Also, it is easy to adapt your living room to every season if you pick colors that represent each season. Think pastel and fresh hues for spring and summer and deeper colors for fall and winter.

Paint The Furniture

paint-the-furniture-for-color-accentsIf you really want to give your living room a new life, be courageous and paint the furniture in your favorite color. You do not have to paint everything, you can choose between your bookshelves, storing cabinets or even your desk. Choose a color that creates contrast in order to create the best color accent possible. Choosing two complimentary colors can be an option for those who want to experiment more with their design skills.

Add Flowers

use-flowers-as-color-accentsHaving flowers in your living room is not only for rare occasions or for when you have guests, you can buy flowers weekly to give your living room a revamp. There is no need to mention the fact that the living room will smell amazing, right? You can experiment with various types of flowers to keep things interesting and to have different accent colors every week or you can stick to your favorite flowers.

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Paint the Window Frames

paint-the-window-frames-to-add-color-to-the-living-roomWho says the window frames have to be white, brown or other boring color that says nothing about your personality and décor taste? You can integrate your window frames in the living room design if you paint them in colors that can be found in other décor elements. For example, a white living room will look amazing with navy blue window frames and the striped navy pillows we talked about before.

If you don’t want to match the color of the window frames with other decorative objects, you can opt for colors that go well with your favorite curtains or window arrangements.