Summer Living Room Trends to Lift Your Mood

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Our home décor can really affect our mood. A bright, airy home with lots of colours, space and natural light can help us to feel happy, peaceful and calm. We can also use décor choices and atmospheric changes to set a mood, like using softer lighting to create romance. Another thing that can have a huge impact on your mood, and even your mental health is the weather. Many people feel depressed, tired and unhappy when it’s cold and the weather is grey and dark, but it always seems easier to be happy when the sun is out. So, it only makes sense that these two things can work together. Changing your décor to create a trendy summery vibe can lift your mood, whatever the weather.

When it comes to summer trends, there’s no better place to experiment than your living room. It’s an area of your home where you spend much of your waking time. It’s where your family gather to spend time together, and perhaps where you entertain guests. If you want to lift your mood and create a cool summer vibe at home, your living room is certainly the place to start. Here’s a look at some summer trends to try.

Opt for Light Walls and Flooring

Light walls and flooring in neutral tones keep things light, which will already elevate your mood and help you to feel more alert. Neutral colours can also help us to feel calm and relaxed, and sticking to these for your walls and flooring means that you have options when it comes to accessories and furniture and that you can make changes fairly easily if you want to create a different mood.

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Choose Colourful Furniture

We’re often guilty of choosing fairly dull colours for our furniture, thinking that pieces will match and look sophisticated. But things like a colourful tv stand and an alternative dining table in an open plan space can add an eye-catching and mood-lifting aesthetic to your home.

Layer Colours

Layering colours can be a great way to add more colour without overwhelming the eye. Layer different coloured soft furnishings like cushions, throws and rugs for fantastic results.

Try Lightweight Materials

Heavy materials can help a room feel warm and cosy, but if you want a chilled-out summer vibe, lighter materials like linen, satin and cotton are ideal. Heavier texture, like rattan and wicker, can work well in summer, as long as the colours are light.

Display Your Best Summer Memories

One of the best, and easiest ways to create a summer vibe at home is to display your favourite summer memories. Frame and hang photos from the summer holidays and try to collect souvenirs or other mementoes while you are away from home.

Include Cacti

Cacti are the ultimate summer trend. Even small cacti in decorative pots can add a splash of colour and lift the mood of your home, and they are really easy to look after, which is always a plus.

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Making a few changes to create a summery feel at home can help you to keep that summer holiday mood going all year long.