The Real Estate Commission You Pay May Be Cheaper Than You Think

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How much money does a real estate agent earn from a sale? This question has been bugging you for quite some time. The average per real estate commission in New York is around 6%, the figure is divided up between the agent and buyer agents with each getting 3%. In many instances, neither the buyer nor the seller agent you employed does actually get the full 3% of the commission. This means that your broker earns more from the sale than you do!

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There are other ways to increase your real estate commissions though. If you get multiple offers on the same property or if the home is in a desirable location then you can expect to get an increased commission per listing. You may also find that your rate will be higher if you choose to list the home at the same time as another buyer. Either way, make sure you have all the information available when hiring a real estate agent to help you buy.

Splitting Commissions

In addition to listing your home at the same time you list your own property, you can split the commission amount. Listing the home at the same time will mean that you pay the same per listing as everyone else. However, listing it at a later date will mean that you split the cost. With this split you can expect to get a smaller home price than everyone else. So if you have an offer lined up, list it before anyone else does!

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If you want to ensure that you get the full 100 percent real estate commission you deserve, you need to do your research before making the final decision. The internet is full of useful information that will help you when it comes to negotiating the right price. However, what you may not realise is that there are other factors affecting the amount that you pay the real estate agent. These factors include the season of the year and the average real estate commission that the area pays.

Taking Advantage Of The Market

For example, during the spring and summer it is a lot easier to negotiate house prices down because people are less inclined to move in with a house in the summer. However, in the winter and the autumn houses are often harder to sell, so the real estate commission that you receive for the house will be lower. Also, during the holiday season the demand for homes increase, which also drives the price up. As a result, it pays to be prepared when it comes to approaching agents. This means that if you are planning to list your home, get a few offers and then decide which one is the best value.

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Some agents get paid by the listing fee, but this fee only covers the commissions that they get, and not the actual amount they pay when a house is sold. If you want to be completely certain of how much you will be paying for your home price, you should ask for the real estate commission that you will be receiving after the listing fee. When you have the listing fee along with the actual commission it will make it clear to any agent whether they will be able to cover all of their own expenses as well as cover the listing fee. You can easily see that the amount that you are being charged for this service is very low compared to what you would pay if you sold your home without commission. The result is that if you are serious about getting a good home price you should definitely ask an agent for the real estate commission that you will be charged.