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Argentina boasts an array of architectural styles that reflect its diversity, from Spanish Baroque designs to Rioplatense styles and Italian/French influences.

Argentina’s residential projects, whether in urban or rural settings, often showcase striking designs. These stunning structures are constructed with a strong sense of individuality, blending new formal concepts with meticulous craftmanship.

BR Interiores

Buenos Aires is home to many top interior design firms, each offering their own distinctive style and approach. Whether you need full service turnkey solutions or more personalized attention, there is sure to be a firm that meets your needs.

BR Interiores is an Argentinian interior design firm that specializes in residential and commercial projects. They provide full-service design solutions such as planning, space analysis and project management. At their design process, they listen carefully to their clients’ needs while taking into account their lifestyle and goals. Furthermore, BR Interiores works closely with them throughout each step of the way to guarantee that their final results meet all expectations.

ART HAUS, an installation at Casa FOA’s 36th edition, is the result of the collective efforts of Rioplatense rationalist dream conjured up by Arenal Estudio, Marina Christe (color specialist), and La Feliz furniture brand. Drawing inspiration from Argentina’s post-war reaction to European avant garde movements, ART HAUS emphasizes horizontality with metal screening framed by an arrow cutout that seems to gesture along the wall towards “La Feliz” neon light while vibrant furniture pieces and graphic patterned wall tapestry punctuate Marina Christe’s vibrant palette of handpicked colors.

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C’est Moi

C’est Moi is an interior design firm founded in 2016 that boasts a small team but an impressive portfolio of work.

Interior designers in Argentina often collaborate in an office with multiple designers. Some don’t have their own studio but instead work through decoration stores where they provide services as part of the product price. Others specialize in particular areas of design such as furniture or lighting.

Argentina’s architecture bears a strong testament to the country’s turbulent history. Much of Europe’s influence was felt here during the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the same spirit, a team of local designers led by Arenal Estudio and Marina Christe created an art moderne-inspired home in Buenos Aires. The interdisciplinary trio infuse the space with an edgy Rioplatense rationalist sensibility by using peachy pink and teal green hues on marble tabletops, velvet seat cushions, and a graphic wall tapestry. This color palette was paired with objets d’art and built-in furniture like the custom “La Feliz” neon light.


Dvinilo, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is an interior design agency with a small team. They specialize in high-end residential and commercial spaces as well as custom furniture design. This Argentinian firm has perfected the art of making clients’ desires reality through Ximena Rodriguez who holds both an architecture degree and has an impressive portfolio. As certified interior designer with expertise for large scale commercial spaces, she plays a pivotal role throughout every stage of the project lifecycle.

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S/H Studio – 3D Rendering

S/H Studio is a design firm based in Cordoba, Argentina that provides digital marketing, architectural design and interior design services. Their team comprises graphic designers, motion designers and illustrators who collaborate to create coherent brand identities that communicate their values effectively and directly. Furthermore, S/H Studio provides integral Industrial Design Services developing new products and concepts for both European and Latin American markets.

Davansh Atry is an Indian 3D artist who utilizes Blender and Photoshop to craft surreal landscapes with muted palettes. He weaves surreal landscapes together with digital portraits to tell captivating narratives, bringing characters and their environments to life through expert lighting that enhances each scene.

Estudio Viviana Melamed

Estudio Viviana Melamed is a design firm that prioritizes their customers and delivers luxurious designs. Their process begins with extensive project analysis and ongoing communication with the client throughout every step of the design process.

Established in 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this small team of interior design specialists strives to offer innovative and unique solutions that reflect their clients’ lifestyles.

Their designs are tailored to each space based on client requirements and the surrounding environment, creating spaces that are both functional and inspiring.

She holds a degree in architecture from the University of Buenos Aires and has worked on various projects such as schools and office buildings.

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She is also the creator of Matriz Design, a company that specializes in producing muebles of superior quality and design for residential and corporate settings. Their products can be easily integrated into existing spaces like residential or corporate environments.

Over her 15-year career, she has worked on numerous prestigious projects and earned many awards for her design work. Devoted to her work, it is clear that it is something she enjoys doing – which drives her passion to research new trends and styles so she can provide her clients with the highest quality designs possible.

Nicolas Pierry study

Buenos Aires is an excellent city to browse design inspiration. The city features a wide range of buildings from ultra-conservative apartment blocks to modern office towers. Additionally, it boasts notable museums and cultural institutions like Museo del Arte and Museo de Bellas Artes that will surely impress with their quality of life and stunning visuals. Furthermore, Buenos Aires boasts an exciting tech sector with companies such as Google or Facebook in residence along with high end gaming consoles ready for use. In short: living here is great!