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Top Tips That Will Help You Achieve Green Grass in 2018

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Are you tired of being that one house on the block that has sad looking grass that never quite reaches that lush green state? Why not let 2018 be the year that you’re able to achieve a perfectly manicured lawn that is beautiful and green? Here are some tips that will take the mystery out of how to make your grass green, allowing you to be the envy of the whole neighbourhood.

Feed Your Grass

Just like you need the proper nutrients and vitamins in order to be healthy, your grass requires the same. Feeding your grass with fertilizer will help ensure that it is not only green but also thick and lush. However, there are some rules to remember when fertilizing so that you don’t end up over-doing it and burning or damaging your lawn. If you go too far you can even end up killing your grass.

A good place to start is to determine the level of your lawn. You are trying to determine how much alkaline or acid is in your soil so that you know how much phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium your lawn needs. In order to properly get the reading, you can pick up a soil home test kit, which is easy and accurate.

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As for when the best time is to fertilize your lawn, you want to do so when it’s cool and wet out. If it’s hot and dry you can end up causing more damage to your lawn.

Leave the Grass a Little Longer

While you may love the look of a short-clipped lawn, in reality cutting it too low can also cause damage. Not only that, but it encourages weeds to grow, which will take over your entire lawn. Ideally you want to keep the grass at about three inches when you cut it and no shorter. Leaving it longer helps to keep the moisture in the grass, which prevents weed growth and helps to keep it green.

Another tip is to ensure the mower blade is sharp so as not to tear the grass when cutting it. Tearing the grass causes moisture loss, which will result in the grass looking less green and healthy.

What About Water?

One of the topics that causes the most problems is when and how much to water your lawn. Not enough water causes it dry out, whereas too much water also causes damage. When you over-water your lawn you can end up with insects and disease. The general rule of thumb with watering is to water infrequently and deeply. The best time of day to water is in the morning for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time.

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The Route to the Perfect Green Lawn

By following these tips, you will be well on your way to achieving that perfect green lawn that you’ve only dreamed of in years past. With just a bit of research and work on your part, you’ll find it’s more than possible.