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Using Mirrors To Create The Illusion Of Space In A Small Room

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When decorating smaller spaces one of the best things that you can do is to use mirrors in order to create the illusion of space. Properly-placed mirrors make the difference. Most design dilemmas are solved by breaking up clutter, using mirrors, amplifying light and expanding walls. If you have to solve a problem caused by a small room with a desire to improve illusion of space, check out the following tips.

Large Floor Length Mirrors

If the space is tight, add such a mirror behind furniture. When you have the same width as the furniture you make everything looks purposeful instead of just being shoved in. An entry console is a perfect location for his when looking at the small home since normally they are put in whenever a fit is possible. Large mirrors in landing strip rooms are something you can easily consider.

Mirrors Behind Light Sources

Adding a mirror behind the light source is a great option. It can be put behind candles, a bedside lamp, pendant lights or similar. This maximizes light reach while the effect that is created is definitely really interesting.

Build A Secondary Window

This is a very nifty trick that you can always use. You can create a brand new window when you place your mirror across from or close to the one that exists. The result is reflection that maximizes natural light effect. You can also appreciate nature and outdoor views from various angles.

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Creating A Mirror Wall

This is a tricky thing since creating a mirror wall can easily create a completely disastrous effect. However, when you incorporate it properly and it is a design element instead of a standalone element, the result is wonderful. If you do not want to end up with a disorienting effect you want to use multiple small mirrors that are similar as opposed to one that is really large. Alternatively, you can use panels, antiqued mirrors or having mirrors framed with the use of suitable trim. When you do this you offer context to the mirror instead of leaving people to scratch their heads as to why you wanted to create a mirror wall.

Think Outside Of The Box When Incorporating The Mirror

You can easily end up with a great result when you incorporate the mirror into patterned walls, shelf arrangements and salon style art walls. Gallery style groupings are wonderful but it is tricky to add this to a small room. You want to put the mirror inside grouping in order to get a good visual effect. Similarly to the window, mirrors offer airy dimension that is needed to keep high visual information volume from turning into something completely overwhelming.