can interior design be a side job


Can Interior Design Be a Side Job?

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If interior design is something you enjoy and you want a way to make extra money, becoming an interior design consultant might be for you. But it requires dedication and hard work from you. And can interior design be a side job? You will soon find out.

Find a Niche

Niche marketing refers to your ability to specialize in one specific area that sets you apart from competitors. Your niche may be anything from style, client type, or building type to budget ranges – once identified it will serve as your compass in selecting projects and marketing yourself to prospective clients.

Finding something you love and are passionate about will keep you motivated in the long term. To find your niche, look back over your past year’s designs that brought the greatest pleasure. Which ones did they make you proudest of yourself?

Once you’ve identified your niche, immerse yourself in every aspect of it. Doing so will allow you to become an authority in the field and charge higher rates for services provided. Plus, becoming an expert will make marketing your business simpler; start blogging or podcasting about it to share knowledge and become an authority figure within it!

Build Your Portfolio

No matter where you stand in your interior design studies or experience, creating a portfolio is vital to landing clients and showcasing your skills. So before you even think about whether or not can interior design be a side job, you have to be able to get a job.

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Your portfolio should feature projects that showcase both your design style and process, from photos to 3D views and hand renderings showcasing aesthetics. Incorporating both residential and commercial work will demonstrate your versatility and should also highlight any distinctive qualities that define you as an artist.

Consider including testimonials from past clients to demonstrate to potential ones that they can entrust their home with you. Don’t forget any design awards or publications you have won as these can really set yourself apart from the competition! To create your portfolio quickly and effortlessly use Journo online portfolio maker which makes the process incredibly user-friendly with its customizable page layout feature and ease of use!

Create Art Pieces

If you possess artistic talent, interior designers often utilize art pieces as decor items in rooms they design. By leveraging art as visual interest pieces within rooms, artists could potentially earn income as interior designers while making money as artists.

Artwork used in interior design may include paintings, sculptures, and fabric used for curtains, rugs or throw pillows. If your client prefers more minimalist aesthetics, simple lines and subdued colors should be incorporated into their artwork design; alternatively, bolder pieces may add contrast.

As an interior designer, staying abreast of current trends when creating art is key. If your clients use the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year (Ultra Violet), for instance, creating artwork that complements this style should help ensure your art will be seen by potential buyers and increase sales – leading to additional income as a designer. With your creative abilities and talent behind you, there are multiple avenues available for making money in interior design!

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Get Experience

Qualified interior designers possess formal education and experience that equip them for their roles as interior designers, while those without professional training may start by providing design services to family or friends. There are also opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships available to students of design programs to build their portfolios and gain experience in this field.

Working in a showroom is another effective way of gaining interior design experience and may prove especially valuable if you plan on becoming an independent designer and want exposure to various home furnishing materials and products.

If you have the time and skills, creating an online course can be an excellent way to make money as an interior designer. Platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Teachable allow designers to create courses they can sell for a fee to interested students – which they can also post onto social media in order to attract wider audiences.