3 Reasons Why Spring Cleaning Should Begin Outside

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After a long, cold winter when everything has been closed-up all winter along, there is dust everywhere and the air just smells musty. You have been waiting for months to open your windows to get a breath of fresh air and some of that lovely and invigorating sunshine. It’s time to get some much-needed spring housecleaning done. However, as you get started, you begin to realize that some things just can’t be cleaned.

Now that the curtains are open, and you are seeing things in the light of day, you recognize the signs of wear and tear. It’s time for a whole new appeal and out come the paint and paint brushes. With a visit to your local home improvement store and a few new appliances, you’ve gone beyond cleaning. You’ve literally just remodeled your home – and that is as it should be every so often.

1. Curb Appeal

The same thing happens when you begin working on the outside of your home after a long and particularly nasty winter. You take one look around you and realize it’s time you remodeled your exterior as well. There are branches down everywhere, snow and ice have literally eaten holes in your lawn and all those lovely shrubs you’ve been babying over the past few years have seen better days.

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Just as when you noticed your home needed remodeling, so too does your lawn need a bit of refreshing – something new and lovely. This is how others will see your home and that is what we call “curb appeal.” In other words, landscaping for curb appeal is to the outside of your home what remodeling is to the inside. It’s a whole new and very clean look.

2. Safety

Those branches downed by wind, heavy snow and ice are not only unappealing, but they are a safety hazard as well. It is so easy to trip and take a nasty fall if one should blow onto a walk way, and heaven forbid any branch should make it to the front walk where a passing pedestrian could slip and be injured.

If you are looking for a reason, any reason whatsoever, to start your spring cleaning outdoors, think of how important it is to maintain a well-kept property. An added deterrent to letting those safety hazards lie around is your homeowners’ insurance. Imagine what your property insurance premiums will rise to next year after your insurance company paid out a hefty claim!

3. Preparation for New Growth

Finally, all that debris will prevent new growth. As part of your spring cleaning, you have decided to set about a major landscaping project. It is imperative to start by removing any downed limbs and debris so that your lawn can come up unobstructed. You don’t want bare patches in your grass and you certainly don’t want dead trees and bushes marring the appeal of your yard. If you want your yard and flowers to come back beautifully again this year, get rid of that debris that will not allow sun or air in to nourish them.

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Spring is right around the corner, so if you start now, by the time it rolls around you will have everything you need to start your exterior spring cleaning. Contact a local landscaper now as well. There’s little time and before you know it, they will be booked up by your neighbors who have the same goals in mind. As the old song goes, “It’s now or never.” Since you’ve learned never to say never, isn’t it about time to get in gear?