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A Quick Guide to Rattan Garden Furniture

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Turning a garden from an embarrassing eyesore to a tranquil haven doesn’t require the skills of an expensive landscape artist or green-fingered gardener. All it needs is a small investment in some beautiful outdoor furniture!

Take rattan, for example. You can quickly makeover any outdoor space by adding some beautiful rattan tables and chairs, plus a couple of hardy plants.

But before you dig out your bank card, take a moment to read through our tips on how to select the best rattan garden furniture for your backyard. Let’s begin!

Measure Up

Big furnishings might be tempting if you have the budget to spare, but don’t fall into the trap of cluttering your backyard with furniture.

Keep it in proportion. An oversized rattan dining set will make a small yard seem even more petite.

Before purchasing, decide how much of your backyard you want to allocate to your rattan furniture and measure up. Check dimensions online before shortlisting your favorite rattan furniture. 

Think about practicalities too. You don’t want a table and chairs against a garden wall that your guests need to squeeze through before they can sit down. 

Style Vs. Budget

As you begin searching for rattan furniture, you’ll soon notice that styles differ more than you might have anticipated.

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A lot of this is to do with price. More premium brands and styles will have chunkier chairs and more study tables. That means that you have to establish your budget from the start and have realistic expectations.

It’s often too easy to fall in love with a stylish, high-end set when browsing, only to discover the disappointment at finding it’s far beyond your maximum budget. Check out this guide for some helpful outdoor style advice. 


The angular style of rattan furniture isn’t always associated with comfort. But in reality, you can get exceptional comfort from even the most square-shaped designs, as long as you go for the best cushion material.

Thick memory foam cushions will give you the comfort and durability you need.

And if you opt for oversized chairs, you can add some extra pillows for more comfort. Make sure it’s water repellent to minimize cleaning, as well as wear and tear.


Don’t be surprised if your new rattan arrives flat-packed. Check before purchasing, as you might need to ensure you have the right tools (and skills) to set up your garden furniture correctly.

If DIY isn’t your thing, consider limiting your search to pre-assembled furniture (though be prepared to pay a premium in delivery charges).

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The hardiness of rattan is why it’s a popular outdoor choice. It’s waterproof and will last for years. However, you should still compare and contrast different brands for practicality.

Does the rattan set look easy to clean, or does it have plenty of hard-to-reach areas?

Is it easy to move if you want to rearrange your outdoor seating arrangement? Can your set be easily dismantled for moving house or garage storage? 

Get the Perfect Outdoor Space With Beautiful Rattan Garden Furniture

It’s easy to see why rattan garden furniture is as popular as ever. It looks beautiful, and those big comfortable seats mean you’ll get more quality time to relax in the open air. 

Now that your garden has the wow factor, it’s time to upgrade the rest of your home. Visit our interior design section for plenty of inspiration!