Custom Home Plans: How to Design Your Dream House

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Do you have a dream house design but aren’t sure how to put it to paper?

This is a problem many homeowners-to-be encounter. They want the perfect house but struggle to start the process of designing custom home plans. Where do you begin when designing something as important as a home?

We’re here to help. We’ve put together a quick guide that’ll make the entire process much easier. Check it out down below!

Start With Overall Size

Before you begin with custom home floor plans, you need to know how much space is available. The size of the land often dictates how big the house can be.

You’ll also want to look into any permits and laws so that you how to tackle the project without any problems. Things like height restrictions and how far away you need to be from property lines all play a big part in designing a home.

Count the Number of Necessary Rooms

Once you know the amount of space you can work with, you’ll want to start listing all the rooms you need to fit inside that space. Having an idea of the number of rooms you’ll need gives you a great foundation to fit everything together like a puzzle.

Start with the necessary rooms first, such as a good amount of bathrooms for your family size, the kitchen, and bedrooms. After you have a list of everything you want or need in your home, it’s good to start figuring out the shape and size of each room within your allotted space.

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Don’t forget to include things like wheelchair accessibility and other special needs in your plans. It takes some brainstorming, but keep at it and you’ll find a plan that works!

Traditional or Contemporary

When it comes to customized home plans, you’ll also want to consider what style you want. Do you prefer traditional floor plans or contemporary ones?

Traditional plans are when things are more closed off, with each room having exact boundaries. The contemporary style is more open, making each room seem to flow from one into the other.

Knowing your plan style also helps when it comes time to paint the walls and decorate!

Contact Professional Custom Builders

Building a custom home is much more difficult than designing it. Without the right kind of expertise, you’ll end up with a lot of problems. Faulty wiring and structural integrity issues are things no new homeowner wants.

That’s why it’s important to get into contact with a professional company to build the house for you. Make sure it’s a company that specializes in custom builds.

The experts at Coregon Building Company, for example, know how to accommodate all of the customized nuances you’ll want in your new house!

Designing Custom Home Plans Gives You Ultimate Freedom

The best part about designing custom home plans is the fact that you get to make everything the way you’ve always envisioned. There are no compromises besides that of gravity and space allowances.

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Feel free to enjoy the process until you come up with a plan that makes you excited to move in!

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