DIY Home Security Systems

home security tips

Home security is important for all of us. Most homeowners believe that this means a lot of money needs to be invested but this is not actually the case. In reality, there are numerous DIY home security systems you can build yourself. Remember that the biggest part of home security is stopping the potential burgers from even trying to break in. Statistics show that simple targets are preferred so a big part of DIY home security is reducing the appeal of your home as a burglary target. Here are some solutions to help you do just that.

Update Your Exterior Locks

Every single exterior door should have deadbolts. Their throw bolts have to extend right inside frames. Be sure that you also analyze your window locks. They have to work in a proper way. This is especially with the older windows as they often become misaligned. Locks are not properly setting so a burglar can easily use windows as an entry point.

Since we mentioned doors, be sure that they are solid. This means doors that are covered with wood or made out of wood put into a strong steel shell. You basically want a door that is not weaker than your lock. Having a small window over door top is not a problem as solid door strength will not be reduced.

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Get A Dog

Contrary to popular belief, you do not really get a dog to protect your home because he attacks the invader. Barking is what acts as your DIY home security system. Thieves will not want to fight dogs defending homes and owners and at the same time, barking can wake you up. Sound alarms that can mimic dog bark can also work really well.

Add Motion Lights

Motion sensor lights can easily be placed in various strategic locations of a home’s exterior in order to light up the dark areas during the night. If a person goes through, lights shine bright. If this is a little too costly for you, just replace the older floodlights with wide light range fixtures with all-night operation.

The best thing about these lights is that they are really easy to install. Just watch an online tutorial and you will find all the information you need.

Add Camera Systems

Security cameras are obviously great and you can so easily get a system that would connect to wireless networks and your computer. However, this does cost some cash and some homeowners do not afford the advanced systems. If this is your problem, opt for fake cameras. They just have to look good enough to fool the criminals. Make sure they are properly placed and in an optimum position or they will not fool anyone.

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Create And Clear Obstructions

The idea is to always trim the shrubs, trees and bushes that are close to the home’s entry points since a burglar can hide behind these and not be detected as he analyzes your home. You want to be sure that such obstructions are placed in areas where they restrict view from the street but not cause potential problems.