How to Choose the Best Movers for You

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If you are planning a residential move, whether long distance or short, you have to know how to choose movers. You don’t want to end up paying more for poor service. There are some simple things that you can do as part of your search to ensure that you choose moving company that will provide top-notch service and get you where you need to go. Let’s look at some of these things.

How long does residential moving take?

Residential moves usually take between four and eight hours. This is not a time limit, it is just a typical amount of time needed. There is no such thing as a residential moving deadline. However, make sure that you communicate this to your chosen interstate relocation service so that you know how long the process will take.

How far does the actual move need to be?

There is often a mileage limit when you choose moving companies. Some interstate relocation services may charge you only a flat rate regardless of the distance. If you have a vehicle, it might be wise to contact the company to find out how far the actual trip will be and to ask for a quote. However, if you have an individual moving truck, you can determine how far it will go based on the weight and empty space.

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What is the Canadian Association of Movers or CAHM?

The Canadian Association of Movers and Packers (CAHM) regulates the moving industry. They publish a confidential code of ethics. They also require mover companies to meet certain criteria. The Better Business Bureau is a good resource for information on the proper guidelines of a given moving company.

Are residential movers local?

Before hiring movers, it’s important to check to see if they are part of a reputable network of companies that specialize in relocating people. You should also consider any recommendations from friends, relatives, or coworkers who have used movers. Relocating can be a stressful time, so making sure the right people are handling the job is crucial to making your new home easier to deal with in the beginning.

How to Choose the Best Moving Company:

These are just a few tips to help you get started. The best recommendation for how to choose the right moving company is to simply use all the resources you have at your disposal. Check the Internet, ask your family and friends, and call the Better Business Bureau. Relocating can be a stressful time, but following these tips will help ensure the moving experience goes well.