Practical Design Ideas For Updating A Child’s Room For A Teen

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Years pass with floral patterns and train wallpapers in the child’s room. Everything was fine but now the child grew and the room needs an update so it would be fit for a teen. Such a room transformation can be so much fun but it is definitely not easy to do. You want to make smart choices since in most cases the budgets will be limited. Fortunately, so many such transformations happened till now that the internet is a great source of inspiration.

So much can be said about this topic but we only stick to some ideas that you will definitely like.

Start With An Inspiration Board

Before you decide what to do you want to get some inspiration. Use any source you may want from favorite interior design blogs to Pinterest or magazines. Try to look at images from as many different sources as possible. Try to look for some sort of theme if you want to make things simpler since this helps to choose items. Also, since the room was the child’s, do this with him and look for what could be modified to be better suited.

Take Color Switches To Decide Wall Color

This is a huge design choice that will be made. If you want to make a great one, talk with the teen or soon to be teen and see what he likes based on paint color swatches that come from the paint store. You can take them home with you so you see if the chosen color will match everything else. Neutral colors are great for relaxing spaces and contrast colors are great for a bolder look.

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Changing Furniture

You want to decide if there is furniture that should be changed and furniture that you can keep. Updating the existing furniture with drawer knobs or fresh paint is always an option to consider. In fact, updating the furniture is budget friendly and will help you to save some cash. Try to look at other rooms in your home for some that would be suitable in the updated room.

Making Room For Photographs

Most teens will want to have some photographs, posters or art pieces in the room. When you plan the design of the teen room you should always allow some space for them. Personal details like posters and photographs always make rooms feel unique and special. Hang photographs of close people or anyone the teen wants.

Creating Personalized Accessories

This is a great option to take your DIY skills to the next level. Personal touches while you are on a budget can always be done with the use of some small DIY projects like something with Washi tape or building a terrarium. Various DIY blogs can be visited online. Sit down with the child and see if there is something that you can do and that he/she will love.

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Add A Unique, Fun Element

Since we are talking about the room of a teen, you should never stay away from the truly outrageous or simply weird items. It is always a good idea to add one interesting and fun element to the room like a mural, something vintage found in a flea market or even paper lanterns. A statement piece will always make the room feel more personal, which is definitely something that is desired.