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Practical Home Security Tips That Will Help You Right Now

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Most burglars out there look for a single thing when they scout homes: an easy way in. When your home looks very difficult to break or there is a large risk that you will be caught, the burglar will simply move on and try to find another property.

The great news is that it does not take much to make the home look really intimidating to scouting burglars. This is actually pretty simple to do. The only real problem is that homeowners ignore the very simple tips mentioned below, even if they know them. It never hurts to enforce security and reduce the possibility that your home will be robbed.

Here are some great home security tips that will help you right now.

Lock Your Windows And Doors

Every single time you go to bed or you leave your home, you need to lock your windows and doors. When there is a home automation system in place, use the smartphone or computer to perform the remote lock if you simply forget this before you leave the property. This is much more common than you might think so home automation systems tend to help a lot.

Use Home Security Systems

This is actually the best possible defense you have against burglars. Few robbers even consider attacking a house that has a home security system.

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There are numerous options that are now available. You can choose something that is customized to tailor your specific needs, based on your budget and property. There are surely several home security companies you can contact. Choose a local one.

Obviously, having a home security system in place is not actually enough if you do not also activate it.

Check Your Locks

Every single part of your home needs maintenance. This includes locks.

For every single outside door, you need to install deadbolt locks. Also, you have to use appropriate locks for sliding doors. If there are pet entrances, they have to be secured whenever you go away.

Make The Home Occupied When It Is Vacant

It does not matter if you are home or not. The house needs to look occupied. Practically, this means that you need to turn on the nights during the night and it is a very good idea to use a timer whenever not at home. Timers are highly efficient and underestimated.

Reduce Shrubbery

Burglars really like it when they can easily hide as they enter the property. This means that when you cut back trees and shrubs, burglars do not really have some place to hide as they scout your home, leave, or enter. Be especially careful when referring to shrubbery around windows and upper levels.

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Secure The Garage

The garage is a home entry point that we often take for granted. It is actually a huge target for many burglars. This is why you have to secure the garage just like you secure the rest of the home. It is also a good idea to park the car inside the garage whenever possible. This can make it tricky for the robber to figure out if you are home or you are not home.

Use Outdoor Lights

Exterior lights push burglars away. Install them and schedule them so they always turn on as the sun sets. For the lawn and the darker areas, install some motion sensing lights.

Stop The Mail

When you leave your home for a number of days in a row, you have to stop the mail delivery services. Alternatively, you can talk with a trusted neighbor that would pick it up. In the event that there is mail building up in the mail box, burglars know you will not be home.

Change Locks When You Have To

There are some clear situations in which you have to change the locks but this does not always happen. You do not want to end up with such an easy entry point. Make sure to change locks whenever you lose keys, have people move out, or move in.