The Importance of Labeling Boxes Accurately when Moving House

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If you are a first-time mover, then you might not be conversant with the stress associated with it. The level of planning, emotional strain, and psychological adjustment are major causes of stress when planning a major move in our lives.

Some first-timers often get caught up in the mix when it comes to shopping around for a removal service or just packing up their belongings well ahead of time.

Nevertheless, to avoid all the strain involved, it is better to do your homework thoroughly and make a shortlist of some good removal companies to help you. Doing this, everything you need can be kept in an organized manner.

With that said, here are tips that can help you label your boxes effectively to avoid unnecessary mix up:

Use colour-coded labels

To find the unpacking process a lot easier than anticipated, it would be best to use colour code labels on each of your boxes and have them check-listed on a notepad. The technique also integrates well with a room – by – room labeling. It is recommended to use premium water-resistant markers to avoid smudged scribbles in the case of snow or rain.

Room Labeling

Yeah, we already mentioned this in the previous point. Nevertheless, room labeling has proven to make offloading and unpacking a much easier process, regardless of how many colours of markers were used to write the labels. The idea is to ensure that you have the same label on either side of the box, and on top of it too.

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This will also make it easier for the movers to get your things in the appropriate room. There’s nothing more discouraging than walking around a big box to find its mark while you’re lost for a while, or worse, attempting to pass it, when the proper label is on the other side.

Labeling by priority

For this type of labeling, it involves the combination of a couple of house decluttering techniques. Take, for instance, the style that could help you in determining which of your boxes moves in first and the ones that would go in last. This allows the removal officers to prioritize what objects will first come out of the car and be transferred to the appropriate region in the house.

The other concept behind this system is explicitly stating and reminding yourself which box a priority in terms of first is unpacking it. You can decide to mark a package with a letter to signify high priority, and another to signify medium priority, and then another for low priority. This marking strategy will prevent the unboxing of your wedding apparel first when your children’s books for school might be buried in a bunch of crates.

Number-coded labels

This method includes developing a record list that determines which things are placed in each box with certain numbers and what numbers are used for each room. For instance, it is easy to remember that boxes 1 to 5 are destined to go in the kitchen.

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If your numbering system is more elaborate, and certain types of items are in certain numbered boxes, it becomes easier to make a quick pot of noodles by checking the box that has the right pots in it.

The movers need to be informed of how your number system works, or you can simply place the appropriate number on the door of the room that corresponds to that number. This way, everyone knows exactly where everything needs to be.

Item labeling

This type of labeling only works in a particular way. Also, you can’t use it to replace any other type of labeling. For example, all the delicate items should be grouped, while the other hard stuff can be grouped. Your camping supplies, for example, can be neatly packaged and branded with a low priority “L” attached. Both small electrical equipment that needs to be treated with caution may also be stored in a marked package.

But it’s another thing if you plan to pack a hairdryer and a table fan with a coffee machine and mixer. Figure out what system works for you by considering the risks and advantages of this marking scheme.

Labeling boxes with fragile items

Regardless of how you decide to pack your delicate items; by room, numbers, or coloured markers, you need to find a way to keep them safe in a box. Also, ensure that the labeling on such boxes is clear and indicative of their content. To ensure the safety of your delicate items, you can wrap them up in old newspapers, nylon, boxes, packaging bubbles, and more to reduce the impact force on them.

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Labeling boxes of essentials

It is smart to have a box that holds all your essential items to ensure quick and easy access. Finally, ensure that you have your boxes labeled correctly for anything you pack, not to have anything mixed up.

Final Words

Picking the right labeling system for your boxes during a move can be a critical difference between having a smooth unpacking in your new home, or a frustrating one. Choose the one or ones that work best for you, and enjoy the benefits that they offer.

Good luck & happy packing!


Author Bio:

Owen Grigg works for Yeates, a family storage & removals company that has been operating in the UK since 1910. Yeates provides excellent service at affordable prices for when you need the reassurance that your belongings are in safe hands.